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10 Reasons the Mets are more entertaining to watch than the Yankees

10. The suspense of Jose Reyes’ future – Getting to watch the ongoing saga of the best shortstop in NY and whether he will stay in Queens or pull a Lebron and take his talents elsewhere.  Jose has simply exploded in 2011 playing at his absolute Reyes-best.  The Mets fans’ hearts cannot even fathom what the loss would feel like if Jose exits NY baseball, either via trade or free agency…so stay tuned.  In Yankee stadium all you hear is “Jeter’s old” or “Jeter’s great” either way he’s there for 3 more years so really, who cares either way?  Plus Jeter is old, overrated and now overpaid.

Jose Reyes

9. Citi Field – Shots in the gap, triples, outfielders running like gazelles at max speeds, diving and sliding to make catches and avoid disaster, sluggers walking back to their dugouts shaking their heads wondering how the ball just died 10 feet away from the track where the same whack is usually 10 rows out in any other stadium.  Pitcher duels and defense, the drama never ends until the final out.  Love it or hate it, Citi Field is big and fun to watch, especially if you’re a fan of pitching and defense.  Yankee Museum , Tee-ball park, 314 Right Field, check-swing homeruns, come watch young and old, steroid shaped and fat all are welcome to jog the bases at the Yankee Museum …snoozefest.  Chicks may dig the long ball but when your team has more homeruns than singles, it’s fair to say that the entertainment value of the dinger has clearly eroded away at the little league Yankee field.

Citi Field

8. Young starting pitching – The sky’s the limit when your current rotation is an average age of 28. And part of the charm is watching Mike Pelfrey’s mind-lapses, his ups and downs, Jon Niese’s strong development and maturation plus Dillon Gee’s determination at establishing himself as a major leaguer, all this is certainly worth the price of admission.

Dillon Gee

7. Mr. Met – Parties up at CitiField between innings, dancing around up and down the aisles, taking pictures and entertaining the crowds – what goes on at the Yankee Museum ? Their last mascot was Don Zimmer and he hit the road long ago for better pastures after Pedro KO’d him and his team didn’t even defend him.  Oh wait, there’sMonument Park Cemetery , oh joy to go and look at bronze plaques and statues…heard the MET (name coincidence?) and the MoMA already got that entertainment deal on lockdown, and for hundreds of dollars cheaper…could just be a rumor.

Mr. Met

6. No idiotic roll call – One has to simply cringe and endure the massive douche-chills you get while listening to Yankee fans chant out the name of each player in unison and clapping like a cultish group of mentally deficient children at the beginning of each home game.

Bleacher Creatures at Yankee Stadium

5. Terry Collins – The feisty and fiery manager, who’s had behemoths such as Mo Vaughn lead entire squadrons in mutiny against him.  Fired from teams that aren’t always quick to pull the trigger, Terry is quick to show his passion and desire with every win and as we’ve seen too many times this year, every loss as well.  In the other borough they got Chicago transplant, Joe Girardi who would rather be managing the Cubs but was unwanted by them since they hired their new manager before Joe could become available. Girardi, the same manager who gives his players cutesy names such as “Gardy” (Bret Gardner), “Jorgy” (Jorge Posada) or the worst one of all when he had Kyle Farnsworth, “Farnsy” which rhymes with pansy and nobody wants to watch a dull pansy manage a baseball team in New York.

Terry Collins

4. Gary, Keith and Ron – enough said.  But if enough isn’t said, Michael Kay is one of the worst sports play-by-play announcers this side of his old partner John Sterling and the rest of the telecast, Paul O’Neill, Al Leiter, Ken Singleton, John Flaherty would make anyone wish of the days of Greg Gumbel and Tommy Hutton back on MSG, these guys now on YES are so dull and bland they make ESPN Sunday Night Baseball look like CINEMAX After Dark.

The Broadcasters

3. R.A. Dickey – the aging pitcher with the young knuckleball, a true life story of a guy that wouldn’t quit competing and finally found success by adapting and learning this difficult unorthodox pitch.  Along with his demeanor and engaging personality, RA Dickey one of baseball’s toughest gamers and best stories of redemption has become one of Citi Field’s fan favorites and a thrill to watch every time he takes the mound.  Is also the favorite of those who get hammered on the “knuckleball” drinking game (take a shot or swig every time anyone around you says “knuckleball” when Dickey pitches).

R.A. Dickey and the Knuckleball

2. Injuries – Yes, injuries.  There are many different entertainment-worthy aspects of injuries and as we all know, injuries and Mets go hand in hand like hot dogs and beer.  From the moment it happens, a la Jason Bay doing a full speed face-plant into a left field wall rail or Ike Davis (latest mishap) colliding and collapsing against David Wright on a routine pop up, it is both amusing and exasperating to watch, nevertheless it is very entertaining.  Then after the injury during off-game hours, there are a thousand questions to answer, “How long is he out for?” “What is the extent of the injury?”, “Who is going to replace him?”.  All this chatter keeps us Mets fans well engaged and involved in the ever-changing Mets transaction wire as we speculate which minor leaguer will get a crack at the majors and which we feel is getting the shaft and not getting called up.  Not to mention all of these injuries increase your medical knowledge tenfold, after all, I know now that if I get a stomach ache after eating too much Wendy’s, it isn’t indigestion, it’s my oblique acting up – Thank you Angel Pagan.

Only a NY Met...Jason Bay Meets Wall

1. Madoff – The biggest swindler/con man in the history of the World – embarrassing? sure. Disappointing? Yea ha. But is it riveting to watch if and how a convicted criminal can topple another billionaire who befriended him for so many years and force him into relative ruin causing him to lose his baseball franchise?  Must see TV on NBC never got anywhere close to this must-watch real-life extravaganza, tune into the Mets!

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