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2010 Double G Sports Awards

With 2011 just about here, the Double G Sports Expert Panel has taken a look back at the past year. 2010 was not an exceptional year for most of the area teams. It did however bring us some very nice individual performances. Lets take a look at what the expert panel had to say about the year 2010.

With 2011 now here, the Double G Sports Expert Panel has taken a look back at the past year. 2010 was not an exceptional year for most of the area teams. It did however bring us some very nice individual performances. Lets take a look at what the expert panel had to say about the year 2010.

You can see the 2009 awards, here.

*Remember, Double G Sports is about NY and NJ sports only*

Team of the Year: Don Bosco Prep Football

Gregg:  Don Bosco. Undefeated season, 35 game win streak. Fifth straight state title.

John:  Jets. Only because they had a great playoff run at the beginning of the year and have already qualified for this year’s playoffs. Cannot stand the cockiness. They really are not that good, but unfortunately either is any other team in the area…unless the Giants can pull out a miracle! Honorable mention: Knicks/Syracuse basketball.  

Mark:  Don Bosco Prep Football. Overall a forgettable year in sports for NY/NJ.

Jon:  Don Bosco Prep

Rob:  Don Bosco Prep. Extended their winning streak to 35 games, while capturing another state championship.

Pat:  Yankees. Only team to do anything so far.

Player of the Year:  Robinson Cano, Yankees 2nd Baseman

Gregg: Robinson Cano. Tremendous year with the bat and the glove for the Yankees. Finally developed into a complete player that can hit in any spot in the lineup.

John: Robinson Cano. Could be a perennial choice, that’s how talented he is. Honorable mention: Amare Stoudemire. I know it’s only been two months, bit this guy is a legit stud.

Mark:  Robinson Cano. Had a huge breakout season and was a legitimate MVP candidate.

Jon:  Hakeem Nicks

Rob:  CC Sabathia. Once again threw the Yankees on his back and pushed them into the playoffs even though they lost to the Rangers.

Pat:  CC Sabathia

Disappointing Team of the Year:  Rutgers Football

Gregg: Rutgers Football. Extremely disappointing season in a year in which the Big East was wide open for the taking. Confident this team will regroup and be back. To much talent on the roster.

John:  Rutgers Football. Horrendous campaign. So much for Schiano being a defensive genius. Honorable Mention: Yankees. Failed to win #28 and lost out on Lee.

Mark:  New York Yankees. The defending champions seemed to run out of gas in September and October.

Jon:  Rutgers.

Rob:  Rutgers. Not much to say, except changes MUST be made.

Pat:  Mets. Nationals are bad but who didn’t see this coming.

Rookie of the Year:  Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants DE

Gregg:  Jason Pierre-Paul. The Giants got yet another big time defensive lineman. This guy is a beast and is still developing.

John:  Jason Pierre-Paul. Future is very bright. Honorable Mention: Landry Feilds. Would be hands down winner if the season was not just two months old.

Mark:  Jason Pierre-Paul is quickly becoming a force on D for the G-Men.

Jon:  Jeremy Deering

Rob:  Jeremy Deering. Stepped in for injured WR Mohamed Sanu, and was at times the lone bright spot in the Rutgers offense.

Pat:  Ike Davis. The Mets may finally have a solution at first base?

Coach of the Year:  Rex Ryan, New York Jets

Gregg:  John Tortorella. Has the Rangers playing competitive hockey again.

John: Fran McCaffery. Lead Siena to another NCAA tournament appearance and then cashed in with Iowa. Honorable Mention: Greg Toal. Ironmen have not lost a game in a long time.

Mark: Perry Fewell. With the exception of the inexcusable, vomit inducing collapse against the Eagles, his defense has been a wrecking crew.

Jon:  Rex Ryan

Rob: Greg Toal. Guided his team to their 5th straight state championship

Pat:  Rex Ryan. You may not like him but he will always give you something to talk about.

Team on the Rise:  New York Knicks

Gregg:  Rutgers basketball. New head coach Mike Rice is putting Rutgers back on the map, signing big time recruits and a new attitude to Rutgers hoops.

John: Knicks. Stoudemire and Felton have been brilliant, but how good has Wilson Chandler been. He may have played himself into a trade for Melo along with rookie standout Landry Fields. Honorable mention: St. John’s Basketball. Lavin has a great class coming in.

Mark:  New York Knicks. Amare is the heart and soul of this team. Will the Carmelo rumors come to fruition? Let’s hope so. The sky is the limit if it does.

Jon:  New York Knicks

Rob:  New York Mets because they finally got a new manager and general manager.

Pat:  Knicks

Team on the Decline:  New Jersey Devils

Gregg:  Devils. A roster full of all-star talent is not getting it done. Kovalchuk’s contract will handcuff this team for years to come. Brodeur likely near end of his incredible career.

John:  Devils. Lemaire has been brought in to save them…AGAIN. Honorable Mention: Mets. Continue to get worse.

Mark:  NJ Devils. Martin Brodeur may be on his way out of the Garden State. Without the greatest player in team history and arguably the best goaltender in NHL history the Devils don’t have much. An honorable mention goes to the Yankees. They are getting old and are stuck with a number of terrible contracts. Hopefully the Cliff Lee snub isn’t a sign of things to come.

Jon:  Rutgers.

Rob:  Rutgers. Not sure where this team is going to go.

Pat:  Giants.

Most Improved Team:  New York Knicks

Gregg:  Knicks. Stoudemire and Felton have been great. Galinari is having his moment. Fields has been a pleasant surprise.

John: Knicks. Stoudemire has embraced the city like few stars have been able to. Felton (I was wrong about Felton) is the perfect Robin to Amare’s Batman. Honorable Mention: Syracuse Football. Playing in the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl.

Mark:  New York Knicks. I for one am excited.

Jon: New York Knicks

Rob:  New York Mets. Same reason as team on the rise.

Pat: Knicks

Most Disappointing Player:  A.J. Burnett, New York Yankees SP

Gregg:  Has to be A.J. Burnett. A starter the Yankees needed in a big way was ridiculously inconsistent. His rough season hurt the Yankees. Hopefully he can figure it out this year with a new pitching coach.

John:  A.J. Burnett. Was worthless in year two of a four-year experiment. Big reason Yankees did not repeat. Honorable Mention: Eli Manning/Derek Jeter. Eli. Tried to do too much this year. Occassional brilliance overshadowed by turnovers.  DJ. Career lows in almost every offensive category. Did not step up in postseason.

Mark:  AJ Burnett. 10-15 with a 5.26 ERA. Disgusting and embarrasing numbers for a player making $16.5 million. Ilya Kovalchuk is a close second.

Jon:  Curtis Granderson

Rob:  Curtis Granderson. Didn’t have the type of year the Yankees were hoping for when they acquired him.

Pat:  Jason Bay

Who Should Not Be Around in 2011:  Kirk Ciarrocca, Rutgers

Gregg:  Kirk Ciarrocca. As Co-Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach for Rutgers, Ciarrocca needs to be fired. His play calling was horrendous and his QB’s which have talent did not perform to expectations.

John:  Francisco Rodriguez. His off the field troubles should land him a one-way ticket out of Queens. Honorable Mention: Eddie Curry. Thank God!

Mark:  I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Matt Dodge. He stinks.

Jon:  Tom Coughlin

Rob:  Tom Savage. I wouldn’t be surprised if he transfers out of Rutgers after this past season.

Pat:  Sal Alosi

NY/NJ Sports Moment of the Year:

The passing of George M. Steinbrenner III. The greatest owner in sports history passed away this year and the entire sports world felt it. From memorials to ceremonies at Yankee Stadium, Steinbrenner was honored by all and will be missed.


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