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5 Reasons NXT Takeover Brooklyn Upstaged Summer Slam Again

Once again, NXT  came to Barclays Center during SummerSlam weekend and out perform the main roster. NXT Takeover : Back To Brooklyn, wasn’t as great as last year’s takeover ,but it still was better than SummerSlam. Most NXT fans consider the brand to be more of an Indies style wrestling feel about the organization. It’s Triple H’s  brain child and he has all creative control and it shows in the product.AJ Styles vs John Cena stole the SummerSlam but it would of been the 4th to 5th best card on NXT Takeover Brooklyn. With SummerSlam under performing again, let’s recap for arguement sake , why NXT Takeover really won this weekend.

Bobby Roode Will Be Glorious On NXT :  Bobby Roode’s entrance is incredible, and while he’s a talented performer in his own right, he’s also an example of how important an entrance and theme can be to a wrestler. Roode is a polished wrestler , who will beneficent fully from the machine know as the WWE behind him. Roode defeated Andrade Almas in a very entertaining match. Both men are destine for great things in NXT. When one of the best workers in TNA arrives in NXT , things will simply become glorious.


Ember Moon : The NXT women’s division has seen some of it’s biggest stars; Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, leave for the main roster but the next set of women have the potential to rake women’s wrestling to the next level. Ember Moon has the looks of a diva, the charisma of a top talent and the potential to be the top female in the entire company. Can’t wait to see her and Asuka have a  one on one match.


The Revival Are The Best Tag Team In The WWE Period: The Revival retained their tag team championships in what is arguably the best tag team matches of the year, on WWE programming. Actually,  most of the 5 star Tag Team matches on WWE programming ,in the last year, has featured the Revival.  They beat American Alphia, Enzo and Cass and every other tag team in their way. While the New Day are great , The Revival are that much better in the ring.

Asuka Defeat Bayley In Bayley’s Sendoff Match:  Asuka remains undefeated and still the NXT Women’s Champion. It’s time for Bayley to go to the main roster. She needs to take her place with the other four horsewomen.  It wasn’t Bayley’s best match at NXT, and it wasn’t Asuka’s, either, but it did give you a great story similar to Owens vs Zyan.


Shinsuke Nakamura The New NXT Champion :  Shinsuke Nakamura  gave Joe two major knees to the head — one of which might have wrecked Samoan Joseph’s jaw, as trainers attended to him immediately after the match — and that won him his first gold in a WWE ring. Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura are both tremendous wrestlers. Both men gave a great performance that easily could of main e vented SummerSlam . Both men are ready for the main roster. Joe gets at least one rematch, and if he loses at the next NXT live special, then it’s on to WWE’s main roster. The NXT championship picture can go many directions . Booby Roode and Austin  Aries could soon challenge Nakamura, if the WWE wants to bring up Samoa Joe sooner than Later.

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