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5 Things Wrestling Marks Want To See During SummerSlam Weekend

SummerSlam weekend  is the second biggest weekend in Wrestling. SummerSlam weekend  is the second biggest weekend in Wrestling. All eyes will be on the Brooklyn, New York, as WWE takes over the Barclays Center for the next three nights. The wrestling marks are considering this weekend to be more successful , entertaining  and better book than WrestleMania. With all that being said,  let’s take a look at what many wrestling marks want to see happen this weekend.

1. Dolph Ziggler Heel Turn: Since losing the World Heavyweight title in 2013, The Showoff has suffered from poor booking despite having a strong fan-base. Any big moments Dolph had in the past couple years resulted in a plethora of losses and terrible story lines. Dolph’s best work has always come from him being a  heel. SmackDown Live needs another major heel. Making Dolph heel again, would be excellent for the SmackDown brand. His twitter name is @HeelZiggler so there you go.

2. Finn Balor-  The New Universal Champion: Not only would Balor winning the title give him instant credibility, but it will truly signal a  new era on Monday Night Raw. Rollins taking a defeat at SummerSlam would only add fuel to his heel persona and amplify how much he whines. Fans love to hate Rollins, and Balor beating him as the Demon ,will set this feud well beyond  just SummerSlam.

3. The Club Winning The Tag Team Championship:  For a year now, the New Day haven’t looked like dropping the belts to anyone and have dominated the division. Now, this is the most vulnerable the team have been and I am actually going to go the shock choice; THE CLUB. They need the win more so people take them seriously. Although the build to this match hasn’t been great, it would be darkly ironic if the New Day lost the belts exactly a year after they won them.

4. AJ Styles Gets a Clean Win Over John Cena:  AJ Styles and John Cena will tear down the house. This will be a  5 star match but we need AJ Styles to get a  much needed clean win over Cena. Styles deserves a big win after losing Feuds to Jericho and Reigns. Cena won’t be too hurt by a loss either. A win for Styles will vault him to the number one heel on SmackDown Live.

5. Connor McGregor Getting Knocked Out:  Who’s a  bigger sports heel than  Connor McGregor? Recently,  Connor has been on a social media onslaught  towards the WWE wrestling roster. What  McGregor needs to worry about is Nate Diaz. Another lost to Diaz, would drop McGregor’s stock dramatically.

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