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76ers Have Their Share of Rookie of the Year Candidates

It seems the Philadelphia 76ers are doing something right. Despite a rough start to the beginning of the season, it seems that they have managed to surpass the “tanking” speculations. has announced their top 10 Rookie of the Year candidates.

Coming in 2nd is Nerlens Noel. What hasn’t he done yet this year? With a few rough patches, Noel managed to stay on top. He has blocked at least two shots in seven straight games. With a lot of energy and the ability to hustle early in the game, he has the ability to achieve a lot in his career.

Ranked 4th on the list is K.J McDaniels. He is having a great year on defense alone for a rookie. Despite only being 6’6, McDaniels is one of the best shot blockers on the 76ers. So much power comes from one person with being athletic and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Ranking in at 10th is Mr. Jerami Grant. What isn’t to say about Jerami Grant?  He is one of the best defense rookies in the league. Despite being the son of Harvey, the nephew of Horace and brother of possible 2015 first-round pick from Notre Dame. The one thing that has to be said about Grant is with every game he plays he improves and manages to woo the crowd.

Despite all the negativity pointed in the direction of the Philadelphia 76ers, a lot of good as come from the team. With finally being out of last place, every game placed has something earned out of it. Having a whole bunch of rookies on the team is a bit difficult, but seems they are learning a lot together.

The ball is in their court to make them the best players they can be.

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