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8 Things we Learned From Week 10 in the NFL

  1. The Packers should have made a move to acquire a WR at the trade deadline. Aaron Rodgers threw the ball 61 times Sunday, losing at home to the Lions for the first time since 1991.  He threw the ball 61 times to guys like Justin Perillo, Jared Abbrederis, and Richard Rodgers.  Who?
  1. There could be a scenario where the Jacksonville Jaguars have a home playoff game. Yes, you heard that right.  Sitting at 3-6 and, Gus Bradley’s squad may be playing the best football out of the AFC South right now.  Fresh off a win at Baltimore, their first road win in their last 12 tries, the Jags offense has become a serious threat.  Blake Bortles to Robinson/Hurns has proven lethal, and the defense finally stepped up Sunday causing multiple turnovers against Joe Flacco.  They finish the season with four out of the last seven games within their division.  Don’t be surprised to see the Jags make a run at this.
  1. This Saints defense could be one of the worst ever. They are last in total defense, giving up an average of 424 yards per game, 315 total points, and giving up an average of 31.5 points per game!  This trend continued on Sunday as Kirk Cousins absolutely lit up this Saints secondary for four touchdowns and 324 yards.  It seemed like every time they touched the ball there was a huge chuck play against this defense, and it leaves most wondering how Rob Ryan still has a job in this league.  And oh yes, this comes just two weeks after they allowed 49 points to the Giants.
  1. The Vikings are for real. Many were beginning to wonder if the Vikings were as good as their 6-2 (now 7-2) record has shown.  The most impressive team they beat up until this point was arguably the Chiefs, so the questioning was indeed warranted.  Until this week.  The Vikings smoked the Raiders on their home turf 30-14, and showed the world why they are in the lead of the NFC North division.  Let’s not forget, up until this point the Raiders have played fairly great football.  Teddy, AP, rookie Stefon Diggs, and the top scoring defense in the NFL, the Vikes are a force.
  1. Peyton Manning has hit the wall! Yes, most of us knew this down the stretch last year, but now it’s for real.  With a 0.0 passer rating Sunday, Manning turned in a career worst, totaling just 35 yards and 4 INT’s.  Manning’s passes flutter in the air, for what seems like years.  He all of a sudden can’t read linebackers dropping into their zones.  And to top it all off, he’s on pace for 30 INT’s.  It’s a sad sight to see; An nfl legend deteriorate in front of our very eyes.  But Peyton, it’s time to pass the torch.  With that defense, a run deep into the playoffs is still a possibility with him holding the clipboard.


(Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac - Newsday)

(Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac – Newsday)


  1. Odell Beckham Jr. needs to take things down a notch. I know how special of a talent he is (see 87 yard TD catch yesterday), but this year his selfish ways have proved costly for the Giants.  During the touchdown catch that wasn’t yesterday against the Patriots, ODB seemed to have control and two feet down, to give the Giants 6 more and to hand the Patriots their first loss.  But instead of moving the ball closer to his body upon his reception to complete the catch, he appeared to stretch the ball out to show the referees his possession, and to start his famous celebrations.  Malcolm Butler, who contained OBD most of the afternoon, smacked it out.  Was it a touchdown?  According to the rules, no, but what are the rules exactly?  Anyway, all year Beckham has been trying to snag balls with one hand instead of two, and these same antics might have cost the Giants yesterday’s upset win.
  1. Carson Palmer, meet Rich Gannon. What do these names have in common, you ask?  The increase in the level of their play towards the back end of their careers, I would answer.  Gannon’s career didn’t take off until year 12, his first year in Oakland.  He would go on to dominate the league for 4 more years, including a Super Bowl appearance.  Palmer did succeed early in his career a bit with Cincinnati, but failed to consistently stay healthy or win anything meaningful.  Things in Arizona are a bit different, though.  In year 11, when Arizona signed Palmer, his career was thought to be at the tail end.  He responded by throwing 24 touchdowns in 2013, 11 in 2014 (season ended due to injury), and this year has thrown 23 TD’s to 7 INT’s!  He has the Cards sitting at 7-2 atop of the NFC West, and looks to be at the top of his game.  These older QB’s seemed to have just hit their stride later than most.
  1. Nobody in the NFL is THAT good. Yep, that’s right.  The 9-0 Patriots looked lost without Edelman, who will now miss significant time with a foot injury.  The 9-0 Panthers I just can’t buy into just yet.  The 8-0 Bengals still have a guy leading them who is just destined to choke down the stretch (although he has played admirably thus far).  Everyone can be beat, and both wild cards, for both conferences, are wide open.  This is why I love the NFL.

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