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A Fast Paced Team Sport For Boys, Girls, Men, And Women: Know More About Netball Teams

Netball is a lively and engaging sport that is played across the world. The ball game is played mostly by young girls and boys. It has enough fun potential to attract adult men and women. The competitive nature of the players is a wonderful and sporting sight for the spectators. There are two competing netball teams on the rectangular shaped floor or area. It is an alternative sporting tradition with a rich history that dates to the 1890s. The netball teams are not aggressive as physical contact is unacceptable.

What Are the Rules That Any Netball Team Must Follow?

  • The game is played on a court and there are two teams of seven players each.
  • The playing teams focus and strive to retain or gain possession of the ball.
  • All the participants can run, jump, throw, and catch.
  • Dribbling is disallowed, and the ball must be passed on within 3 seconds.
  • Goals can be scored by two designated players who are inside the goal circle.
  • The posts are around 10 feet high and the goal ring has small diameter.
  • The rings do not have a backboard and they should not be touched.
  • Dunking or jump shots are permitted if ball is released before feet touch the ground.
  • Each goal has 1 point and the team with maximum points is declared as the winner.
  • The game lasts for an hour with four quarters of 15 minutes each.

What is Promoter’s Goal?

The game has been recognized internationally and there are ruling federations. The promoters have a vision of popularizing the game even further. They encourage netball teams to realize the following aims-

  • Change the lives of people and inspire communities to take up sports.
  • Women and girls are empowered to achieve higher standards of excellence.
  • Improve the health of participants so they strive for greater wellbeing.
  • Create role models who epitomize athleticism, sporting attitude, achievement.
  • Bring netball teams together through competitive events and Olympic participation.
  • Inspire targeted communities through various development programs.
  • Assure grants for coaching and training students using an integrated approach.
  • Transfer the sport’s knowledge through education, conferences, and seminars.
  • Promote joy, peace, sharing, and caring through the sport of net ball.

Coaching & Accreditation

Team sports can be either a fun outing or an extremely competitive affair. Professional approach sets healthy precedent and creates a strong tradition. Coaches can give direction to young children in schools and communities. The netball teams which emerge out of formal programs ensure competency and fair participation. The boys and girls develop physical strength and learn the value of team spirit.

Developing a proficient coaching system is necessary to create high quality sports woman and athletes. Qualified coaches inspire their protégés and develop talented netball teams. Education, programs, and resources are the key for a successful coaching endeavor.

The Following Four Pronged Attack Yields Positive Results –

  1. Recruitment – Evaluate the current system and attract talented coaches for recruitment. Respect the coach’s contribution and strengthen the process through strategies.
  2. Training – Standardize and upgrade the training programs throughout the schools. A team comprising of presenter, assessor, and motivator is very effective on the court.
  3. Support – Encourage developing and accredited coaches to confront new frontiers. Support all the key participants by ensuring necessary tools and resources.
  4. Retention – Lower the attrition rate by celebrating and elevating the role of coaches. Retain them through opportunities at local, regional, and national levels.

There are many netball teams that are accredited according to different countries, and they all represent their nation at the state or at the national level.

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