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A Few Questions Before Mets NLDS Game 3

How tricky is the Utley situation?

I would say it is very tricky only because knowing Utley who is notorious for just being that nuisance in any game especially against the New York Mets, he loves to crowd the plate, and he loves to throw pitchers off their rhythm.  I vividly remember that one instance back when Mike Pelfrey was pitching for the Mets at home and Utley in one at bat took a very long time getting back into the batter’s box after calling time, and Pelfrey seemed outraged over the sluggishness of Utley, and gestured him to come on. All the while Utley had that look of “I can do what I want, what are you going to do about it.

I’m saying all of this because you can sort of draw assumptions to this situation, and basically say the ball is in Utley’s court because he can make the situation escalate by being a master manipulator.

How big of a must-win should this be for the Mets?

On a scale of 1-10 it should be 11 because they were so close to a commanding 2-0 series lead on LA to only see that vanish because of a controversial play. Also pointing out that much of the fans think home field advantage is so detrimental to the home team. I’m here to tell you it isn’t the Dodgers could come into New York and completely dominate these next two games to take the NLDS, so tonight is a big must-win.

Should there be trepidation playing Wilmer Flores at shortstop?

Of course there is always a concern playing somebody who is 23 at a position so detrimental to a team’s defense, and so many times have the fans, and other media members been so critical of Wilmer’s defense. However the trepidation shouldn’t be to heavy only because Mr. Flores has shown he has that clutch gene, and he shows the passion that Mets fans love so much I’m not concerned here.

If the Mets lose tonight what’s next?

Why is this a question, simply they will start Steven Matz in game 4. No seriously panic mode will set in for Terry Collins who will have to tread lightly, and will definitely do anything to get his team to tie the series up before they head back to LA.

How much trust can the bullpen garner before Familia ?

I believe the additions of Niese, and Colon definitely help this situation now because they can be trusted in tight situations out of the bullpen to get out. Robles has shown he has the perseverance to show up , Reed and Clippard who gave up a run in Game one have proven to be solid for the most part. I think the biggest test could come if these starters do not get deep into games which will be trouble for the Mets.

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