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A Physical WWE Hall of Fame Museum in the Works

With the announcement of next years Wrestlemania taking place in Orlando, there will be another monumental event happening in the sunshine state in 2017.

WWE is set to build an actual Hall of Fame center in Orlando. More then likely, this museum will officially open it’s doors during the fan events at Wrestlemania 33.

I think this a great idea. Having a real center adds to the legitimacy of WWE’s Hall of Fame. Fans can visit year round. For years their has criticism over the Hall of Fame being a joke and just a tactic used to sell tickets for the live, televised event that aired on USA and now WWE network. Also, let’s not forget the huge DVD sells and merchandise of the latest inductees that usually comes out around this time.

With this museum filled with tons of memorabilia that life long fans will be able to relive awesome memories is a dream. There could be events held throughout the year that celebrate the rich history of wrestling. The sky’s the limit.

The location of Orlando, in my opinion is perfect. With the success that NXT has seen at Full Sail, fans from around the US have migrated to Florida to see what WWE has to offer. The way that things look, Florida could become a hub of WWE attractions where the possibilities are endless.

Of course this sounds a bit like Disney attractions, but hey WWE loves to take over and build a monopoly. I think I’m going to have to start saving because next spring WWE is going to take all of my money!

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