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A-Rod Makes His Own Fashion Statement

By:  Janet Thompson Hilliman

It is no surprise that Alex Rodriguez the 3rd baseman for the famous NY Yankees is into fitness as a part of his daily routine.  He was spotted in the city, New York that is, last week coming from the gym with his girlfriend, actress Cameron Diaz wearing casual workout gear.  What other way would he be able to make those pinstripes look even better?  We gotta admit that he turns heads whether he is wearing a plain white tee, a pair of black baggy sweat pants and a hoodie.  He was also seen out on the town hanging with his lady in another ensemble of a pair of designer jeans and a leather bomber.

He is quite trendy and has his own style.  He is not exactly flamboyant but more or less simply tasteful.  He is not one of those athletes who go overboard in the bling or makes himself a walking designer billboard.  Of course when you have that much money you can afford to do whatever and wear whatever but for the most part A-Rod seems to like to dress down, causal and relaxed.  Except for when he has to don a suit for those special occasions. His style is still yet classy.

Whenever he is out and about he can be seen wearing plain short sleeve crew neck tees in black or white.  He has the “boy next door look” sometimes quite preppy if he is wearing a V-neck sweater or polo shirts.  A-Rod also loves his caps, baseball or newsboy and one cannot forget the Aviator sunglasses that he seems to be making famous again.

The #1 pick in the 1993 baseball draft was named “People’s Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People” six years later so no wonder he makes the ordinary looks extra ordinary.  It has been quite a while since that accomplishment but not much has changed in this area for this NY Yankee.  The 12 time All Star is a great athlete and a fashionista but he is also into doing charity work as well.  He hosted a Charity Batting Practice with David Ortiz in Boston last month.

He is one of the highest paid athletes in sports and another of his accomplishment is that he is the youngest player to hit 600 home runs. He makes a fashion statement whenever and wherever because he is A-Rod who makes the simple look real good.

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