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After a long layoff, Keith Thurman is looking to prove that “One Time” is back in business

While not entirely 100%, a returning Thurman is looking to prove he in the prime of his career.

A lot can change in two years, especially in the boxing world. New champions can be crowned, new challengers can emerge and the rules can change. After a long hiatus, Keith Thurman’s goal is to adapt to all obstacles and go back to his winning ways. It will be in Brooklyn where he hopes to start anew.

Thurman (28-0, 1 NC) battles Josesito Lopez (36-7), someone who hasn’t taken as much time off as Thurman has. According to “One Time”, it was a number of things that kept him down. From elbow surgery to an injury to his left hand while he was recuperating, all Thurman wanted to do was get back into the ring.

“It just was very frustrating for me. I really just wanted to have a fight date,” Thurman stated during a media call. “I wanted to be able to get back into the ring. The doctors were telling me “You’re not going to be out forever” — this and that — and I’m like, “It just feels like forever.” It just felt like a long time. So I’m just truly happy to be back with this fight date against a truly game fighter. I think this is a great comeback fight for myself.”

Now, he defends the WBA (Super) Welterweight Title, one that he was able to hold onto after all this time. The WBC Welterweight Title was removed from his collection. During the time away he was able to focus on family and his own health, the former of which was very important to him. Now, they can watch as he makes his return to an arena he is very familiar with; he is 3-0 inside the Barclays Center.

One drawback from the surgery is that Thurman will have to have his hand monitored throughout the rest of his career. Without a fully-functioned hand, it will be difficult for Thurman to make the comeback that he truly wanted. He did say, however, that if he’s not getting the knockout, he’ll just roll with whatever big punches he has.

Still believing he in his prime, however, the 30-year-old states that his power is real and his determination to fight keeps him going. Someone who motivated him was Manny Pacquiao. The 40-year-old just beat Adrien Broner via unanimous decision (in dominant fashion) to retain his WBA Welterweight Title. For him to still go makes Thurman satisfied with his own comeback.

“I was 28 years old the last time I fought. I’m 30 now. It’s just a little disappointing, missing some of those years of my youth.” Thurman continued. “But luckily I still am in my prime. And just being in shape now motivates me for my future. Watching Manny Pacquiao win a fight at 40 years old also motivates me. So there were moments where I had some morbid thinking and negative thoughts. But at the end of the day, we’re back in action. And we’re really excited. And we’re looking forward to the future.”

After 22 months, Keith Thurman is back. With FOX’s new deal with Premier Boxing Champions, he will look to take advantage of the exposure. As he enters the inside of a ring once again, one can’t help but wonder what will be going through his mind.

100% or not, Thurman will be ready to prove he has what it takes to swim in the big ocean that is boxing once again. The battle is on, and according to Thurman, if it leads to something further, so be it.

“There shouldn’t be any hesitation in my game,” Thurman stated. “We took this fight because we’re prepared. If anything was to occur, like if I were to feel some bumps and bruises in the fight, people have seen me fight through hematoma and some hard shots. I’m a tough egg to crack. No matter what shape I’m in, when it’s time to go to war, we fight.”

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