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Amanda Serrano on making history, MMA and boxing, giving pro wrestling a shot

Serrano looks to make history as a seven-weight champion. After that? The sky is the limit.

It took a long time, but women’s boxing is finally gaining the respect it deserves from the boxing world. Talented female fighters are showing why they belong, whether with their impressive skills or by making history. Amanda Serrano is looking to do both.

Fighting out of Brooklyn, Serrano (35-1-1) is breaking down all barriers. She joined MMA to get more opportunities, but it is boxing where she continues to thrive. For the first time since 2008, Serrano heads to Madison Square Garden tonight (January 18th) with an opportunity to add to her belt collector moniker. She faces Eva Voraberger for the WBO Super-Flyweight Title. If she were to win this Matchroom Boxing/DAZN event, she would be a champion in seven different weight classes. A win would put her one division away from matching Manny Pacquiao’s record.

She has prepared her entire life for this moment but is hoping for even more opportunities down the line. The ultimate goal? To become the top boxer, not just in the women’s division, but in the world. Double G Sports’ Daniel Yanofsky had the opportunity to speak to Serrano ahead of her fight.

Double G Sports: What does it mean to fight like a girl?

Amanda Serrano: I don’t quite understand when people say that. To “fight like a girl” is much different than how people used to say it. There are so much more talented females out there, whether in boxing or other sports. To “fight like a girl” means to fight with all of your heart and to go out and give it everything you’ve got. 

DGS: What’s the biggest difference between cutting weight in boxing and MMA?

AS: In MMA, I’m in a set division at 126. I feel comfortable there. I am not planning to go to a different weight in MMA; you need all of your strength there just for one division.

In regards to cutting weight in boxing affecting her MMA career and vice versa: I don’t think so. In boxing, it is only about a two-three pound difference between weight classes (115 to 118). You go from 115 to 125 in MMA, that’s a ten-pound cut, a pretty big difference. It is much easier in boxing compared to MMA, where there are so many different disciplines. 

DGS: How does it feel to be involved in MMA?

AS: I’m excited. I have a great team and a solid promotional team. I’m going to continue to learn and become the best, just like I have been in boxing. 

DGS: Is there anything you believe you need to work on, whether in MMA or boxing?

AS: I’m always working on being the best person that I can be, while always looking to learn new things. 

DGS: There have been reports of you v. Katie Taylor all over the place. Any comments regarding a potential superfight?

AS: I just want to get through this fight first with Eva, let her (Katie) get through her fights as well. Once the dust settles, we can put it all on the table. 

DGS: Do you believe there are those that are not even giving Eva a chance against you, considering how you have been promoted compared to her?

AS: She’s a champion at home, and very big in that area. She’s a fighter. Not only is she a boxer, but she’s a decorated combat fighter. Unlike the champion before her, she came to fight. 

DGS: Fighting is in your family, as seen with your sister. What have you learned from her as you continue to climb up the rankings?

AS: Cindy’s the one who brought me into the sport and taught me how to be disciplined and motivated. While she hasn’t gotten a lot of the opportunities I have had, she will always be by my side and push me.

DGS: Have you taught her anything?

AS: She took off from the sport for a few years when I started because she was having a baby. After the baby, seeing what I am doing, and seeing what women are doing in the sport, she wanted to pick it up again. Cindy saw that I was so willing to give my life for this; boxing is my life. That motivated her. 

DGS: As a pro wrestling fan, would you be interested in getting involved in the sport, like Ronda Rousey?

AS: 100% yes. We have a very good friend who owns his own company, House of Glory Wrestling. It is now going overseas which is very exciting. I’m always trying to tell Amazing Red we should do something. I have a lot on my plate right now but don’t be surprised if you see me in the ring one day. 

DGS: Who are your top dream opponents for MMA, boxing and pro wrestling?

AS: I’m very new to the sport, so I can’t really say at the moment when it comes to MMA. In regards to boxing, I want meaningful fights with the champions. I want to be a unified champion at 126, maybe the 130-pound belt. No WBO Champion is safe; me being the champion I get to pick and choose who I want to fight. I would love to challenge one of the Bella Twins. They remind me of me and my sister. 

DGS: Out of the Four Horsewomen of pro wrestling (Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair), who do you relate to the most? Who would you want to wrestle?

AS: I relate to Bayley the most. She’s the coolest, a great athlete and very down to earth. I would love to fight “The Boss” Sasha Banks. I feel like we would have great chemistry. 

You can catch Amanda Serrano v. Eva Voraberger inside MSG’s Hulu Theater tonight on DAZN. Tickets are still available now at the MSG box office and

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