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American Football: Latest News

One of the most popular sports in the US, American football, had an interesting weekend indeed, which comes as no surprise since things can change drastically in this sport at any given point.

We are almost halfway through the regular part of the season and it became more obvious which teams are slightly better than the others. We are aware that you would like to read more news about American football but if mentioned all the games and elaborate, that would take quite some time.

That’s why we’ve prepared for you a brief overview of two games we found interesting. Therefore, waste no time and keep reading!

On Sunday, at Ford Field in Detroit, the New York Giants had the chance to demonstrate their skills, or better, the lack of them, against the Detroit Lions. The team from the Big Apple was led by a rookie quarterback Daniel Jones, while quarterback Matthew Stafford led the team from Detroit. The game ended badly for the Giants with a 31-26 defeat, thus falling to 2-6 on the season.

As we can see, things are not going well for the New York team since this is their fourth consecutive loss. Moreover, they didn’t manage to hold the lead in any of the four mentioned games.

After the Lions opened the game with a 14-0 lead everyone immediately considered it an easy job for them. The only part of the game that could have changed the situation was the second quarter which ended 13-3 for the Giants. However, due to the almost equal number of points in the last two quarters, the Lions finished the game just like they had expected.

In the last game, the team from New York had a total of one turnover, 370 yards, and 24 first downs. We didn’t want to get into details of the game, but regardless of what’s been done on the field on Sunday, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to help the Giants break the losing streak. But who knows, maybe their next game against the Dallas Cowboys will be a lucky one.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Buffalo Bills

Although the Eagles did not have a promising start, it seems that something has changed in their game lately. The easy 31-13 win against the Bills was more than needed and gave the team something to be happy about in this season. It can be said that the win was well deserved since they were better in all quarters.

The Eagles managed to overpower the Bills by controlling the field and ball possession. They scored three touchdowns and run a total of 218 yards, which got them back to 4-4 on the season. Moreover, the Eagles proved to be strong opponents since they are the only team that managed to score more than 21 points against the Bills so far.

The main touchdowns for the Eagles were scored by Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders, and Boston Scott, even though the Bills’ defense was not as bad as one might have expected. However, the Eagles proved that they also have a say when it comes to great defense since this day happened to be one of their best when it comes to this aspect of the game.

What helped the Eagles enormously was the other team’s unsuccessful offense, or to be more precise, three fumbles by Allen. This might explain more than 200 yards run against the Bills, but since this is their fourth game with such a result, it would only be fair to give credit to their head coach Doug Pederson too.

Their next challenge is a game against the Chicago Bears which will show if they got better or this win was just pure luck.

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