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Are You Ready For Hard Knocks? HBO Drops Official Trailer For Hard Knocks Oakland Raiders

Forget football, who’s ready for some hard knocks?

We’re a week away from the August 6 premiere of the latest season of the HBO/NFL Films Hard Knocks series, this time focused on the Oakland Raiders, and HBO has now put out a 30-second teaser trailer for the new season. Here’s that teaser:

As expected after June’s announcement that this season would focus on the Raiders, it looks like there’s going to be a lot here about Oakland coach Jon Gruden, the former ESPN analyst who just completed his first season at the helm of that team (complete with plenty of controversies). The trailer includes a couple of shots of Gruden and the line “Jon Gruden’s new array of talent will be on display.”

And part of that “new array of talent” is a big free-agent acquisition in receiver Antonio Brown, who’s also shown here briefly. But there are also some notable questions about how existing quarterback Derek Carr will do this year, especially with Gruden recently talking up Nathan Peterman, and the teaser has lots of shots of Carr as well. So it makes sense that they’re the three figures featured in the promotional posters HBO sent out, seen pasted together up top. We’ll see how this all comes together when Hard Knocks premieres on HBO Aug. 6, at 10 pm.

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