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Are you ready for the XFL’s New York Guardians?

In its original glory, The New York/New Jersey Hitmen were one of the original gunslingers of the XFL in 2001. A team meant to be edgy from the NFL’s Giants and Jets, there were many factors in its demise.

Now, a new team has risen from the ashes, to take over the mantle the other one left behind. The relaunched XFL announced that the name of the new New York team will be called the Guardians.

Sentries carved of stone. Watchdogs over the metropolis. A prehistoric predator. A beast evolves, turned loose in a new kind of jungle. All teeth and talons, eyes unblinking. They know fear because they feed off it. They are your first line of defense, and there is no need for a second. The New York Guardians. On duty.”

Just like that, merchandise was open to the public. If you decided to become a season ticket holder you were in luck. The XFL is doing everything it can to generate a buzz for when the NFL football season ends in 2020.

“The XFL is about football and fun, and our team identities are intended to signify just that,” said XFL President and COO, Jeffrey Pollack. “Now it’s up to our fans and players to help write the story. What happens on the field and in the community, in the years ahead, will determine the true spirit of each team.”

While players haven’t officially been drafted yet, we know names like Landry Jones and Ryan Mallett have already been announced. Former New York Giant Hakeem Nicks has been on their radar since showing up at the Summer Showcase tryouts not that long ago. Will he be the one to lead New York’s team to championship glory?

More importantly, are you ready for the Guardians to take over New York?

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