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As The Bachelorette Visits Citi Field, Show Draws Comparison to Mets

The Bachelorette episode featured Citi Field.

(Screenshot from ABC's The Bachelorette)

(Screenshot from ABC’s The Bachelorette)


Every Bachelorette season starts out much like a Met fan’s: with a roster of 25 guys who you want to love and who you hope will love you back. The possibilities seem endless. But as anyone who has watched a season of The Bachelorette (or a recent Mets season for that matter) knows, it often doesn’t take long for the bloom to come off the rose (ahem).

So it seems only fitting that this week’s episode of The Bachelorette went to Citi Field; for some a place of endless hope, for others, the source of so much dread.

We start out the episode with the return of Nick, the runner up in Andi Dorfman’s season, who had reached out to Kaitlyn after last season’s Bachelor  and decided he needed another 15 minutes of fame to meet Kaitlyn. After much hand-wringing and making out, Kaitlyn decides to let Nick into the house. His reception is about as warm as the Wilpons at a Mets pep rally. After the house grills him about his intentions (as if all contestants on The Bachelorette have the noblest of intentions) we move on to Citi Field!

It looks cold, probably filmed before the start of baseball season.  They have the stadium to themselves, and the cocktail party takes place in some fancy room I have no hope of ever seeing. Now that everyone’s sufficiently liquored up, the party heads down to the field, where famed bromancer JJ decides to pick up Kaitlyn and run her around the bases. This is done with the gazelle-like grace of Bartolo Colon legging out a double. After the “fun” on the field ends, it’s back inside for more cocktails and hand-wringing. Nick being in the group seems to be causing much drama. It’s like the power of the Mets has taken over everyone. After everyone gets in their Nick-bitching, it’s time for the rose ceremony.

They’re all on the field now, and in addition to looking really cold, everyone looks as nervous as Mets fans do when an opposing team hits a ball up the middle. How apropos that the Bachelorette is making cuts at Citi Field on the same day that Mets brass designated Dillon Gee for assignment? Sometimes you WANT to love someone, but it just doesn’t work out, ya know? Still, Gee stayed on the roster just long enough to lose any value he had to the Mets. Speaking of players who overstay their welcome, JJ and Nick make the cut.

And with that, The Bachelorette’s trip to Citi Field ends.  Maybe our Bachelorette will find love, maybe this will all end in heartache.

Kind of like every Mets season.

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