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With the beginning of Spring, there’s usually a bit of optimism in the air.  We tend to put our cares aside and head outside, sometimes wearing a spring jacket or nothing more than a sweatshirt, even when the temperature might not yet be exactly what warrants our shedding our winter coats.  We are usually a bit more playful, and ready to cast aside our show shovels and spend the day at the park.  Many times with the warmer weather, we are inclined to not only head to the

Many times with the warmer weather, we are inclined to not only head to the park but also grab a bat and ball and get ready to play.  Parents are busy signing their kids up for Little League, and there’s a sense of fun and excitement as school nears the finish line, and we look forward to beach days and barbecues.  Only for some kids, things are not always that way.

For some kids, life can be different than what many of us experience and what’s the norm for some is simply the not on the agenda.  For some kids, especially those who have autism, life can be a bit more challenging when it comes to what others consider routine.  Greg Vasicek, the founder of

Greg Vasicek, the founder of  is hoping to change the lives of kids and parents of kids who have autism by helping them get into action.  Greg is the president and founder of Play4Autism and what inspires him most is the many smiles he sees on the faces of the kids he works with on a daily basis.

It’s not just spring-time, but all year long that Greg is hard at work helping put kids with autism into action.  In fact, when we spoke by phone, Greg was busy getting kids with autism ready for the rink as he was arranging to hit the ice with the NJ Devils.  This coming Saturday there is an event that’s scheduled over at New Victory TKD, in Queens.  Then on April 22nd there’s a night of comedy over at Pat’s Sports Bar, in Middle Village, New York.

The mission of Play4Autism is pretty simple and the reason Greg got involved in this whole thing comes down to one thing.  Greg’s a nice guy, who loves sports and wants to make a different in the lives of children.  Like many of us who often are touched when someone we know if impacted by a disease or condition, Greg’s been touched by knowing someone with autism and so he decided to do something to increase the public’s awareness and acceptance of autism.  He does so by does so by introducing kids with autism ( and their families ) to their Kidz into Action Program.

According to Greg, helping kids with autism learn about sports and watching their families see their kids engage in sports helps everyone.  He has seen countless times where he believes the self-esteem of the children is increased and families seem to bond with their children in ways that they might have never thoughts was possible.  Greg was quick to share that he’s not the only one who is making a difference in the lives of the families.  He works closely with his wife and the community and says there is no way he could do this alone.  “Play4Autism is a join effort and involves the entire community, and we have many great partners and are always looking for more, to help accomplish our mission which is to help share about autism awareness and make the lives of these kids more fulfilling,” said Greg

To learn more about this amazing organization, please visit



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