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Back At Welterweight, Sadam Ali Looking To Stop Anthony Young’s Momentum

Both welterweight contenders have something to prove

One of the more intriguing fights underneath the Canelo Alvarez v. Daniel Jacobs superfight is Sadam Ali v. Anthony Young. It is a case of two gunslingers fighting to survive in the busy boxing world. With a chance to be a true contender, both will be giving it their all.

A New Jersey native, Anthony Young (20-2) won the vacant NJ State Welterweight Title in March over Juan Rodriguez. Wth seven wins via knockout, Young is the favorite in a fight he has been waiting for.

“As a person, all I can ask for is opportunity,” Young stated during the pre-fight press conference. “Getting the opportunity to fight a former world champion in Sadam Ali, who defeated a legend. They got me 26-1 underdog, so if you’re looking to win some money, put it on me. Sadam is Muslim, I’m muslim, that’s my brother, but Saturday, one of us has got to go, and it ain’t gonna be me.”

Ali (27-2) has been on his own wild journey. After defeating the legendary Miguel Cotto for the WBO Light Middleweight Title, he immediately lost it to Jaime Manguia. He overcame the loss by beating Mauricio Herrera back in December. While Herrera is higher on the card roster than Ali, the latter still has a competitive edge.

The odds are stacked against Ali, but he will not be bothered by what others have projected for him in this bout.

“I’m excited for this fight,” Ali stated. “It’s on a big card. 26-1 underdog? That’s crazy! I’m excited, ready for any opponent, any style that comes to me. I understand it’s a big opportunity for him, he’s been waiting for a moment like this, I know he’s coming strong, but I’m excited to go out there and shine. I’m ready to go.”

Now a welterweight contender once again, Ali is currently in open waters, but in a familiar zone. A former welterweight champion, Ali feels refreshed and raring to go. Young, now getting some much-deserved attention, won’t allow Ali’s return to welterweight to be at his expense.

When looking up and down the undercard, Ali and Young don’t have the sexiest place on it. However, both can change all of that with a performance to remember.

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