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Baseline Jumper Episode 15: NBA Second Half Preview

It’s the glorious return of Jason and Ben. The duo starts by breaking down the NBA tankapalooza (3:00), the challenge of rooting for a team whose best interest may be to lose and the joy of rooting for a team like the Nets who have every incentive to win (5:00). What is the future of the Nets and how good can Jarrett Allen be (8:30)? Are the Nets officially in a better position than the Knicks at this point (20:00)? With the New York teams struggling, the 76ers have emerged as the top team in the Tri-state area. Could they add to their success by adding LeBron James and where else could James go (26:30)? Before hitting their Heroes and Zeroes, Ben and Jason give their thoughts on the Kawhi Leonard situation (40:00).


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Ben is a Staff Writer at with a focus on the NBA.
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