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Should Ben McAdoo Be On The Hot Seat?

The New York Giants have not reached 20 points in seven straight games with head coach Ben McAdoo calling plays.

New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo (Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports)

Talking about a coach being on the hot seat after Week 1 in the NFL usually sounds ridiculous. However, the New York Giants are in the middle of an alarming trend that could end up costing their head coach his job.

Ben McAdoo is supposed to be such a great offensive mind.

The Giants have failed to reach 20 points in seven straight games dating back to the final six contests of 2016. McAdoo, now in his second season as head coach, continues to be the playcaller. Why won’t he give that up? Likely, his ego.

Take his postgame press conferences for example. McAdoo continues to push blame anywhere but himself. It’s always, “we had opportunities” or “execution” that is the problem. Hey Ben, maybe it’s more than that. Maybe it’s the lack of creativity in your play calling. Time and time again we see predictable run plays and short drop down passes. It’s not working.

Sure, the Giants were without one of the games best playmakers in Odell Beckham Jr. in last nights loss to the Dallas Cowboys, but that should not be an excuse. There are plenty of playmakers in this Giants offense.

The biggest problem is the lackluster play of the offensive line. It’s been a problem the past couple years and has shown no signs of improvement. McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reese have failed to adequately develop talent at the position. This is likely a cause to the over-conservative play calling.

Say what you want about Eli Manning, but he is a veteran quarterback with a good arm. He throws a nice deep ball. Why not take some shots? That’s easier when a guy like Beckham is on the field, but why not do some things with guys like Sterling Shepard, Roger Lewis, and rookie Evan Engram? Shane Vereen is a nice option out of the backfield and can provide a defense with headaches if used well.

Brandon Marshall, in his first season with the Giants, had one catch for ten yards in the season opener. The catch did not come until the game was already in hand by the Cowboys, late in the fourth quarter. Marshall is not going to be the speed, deep threat. He can however be used in the red zone, his area of specialty. However, when the Giants did get in the red zone against Dallas, Manning never even looked his way. Take a shot! Take a chance!

The Giants offense is predictable, conservative, and boring. That will not get it done this day and age in the NFL.

McAdoo got a pass last season because the Giants rode their defense to 11 wins and a playoff berth. The defense may be just as good, if not better, this season, but the offense needs to catch up. Right now, it’s light years behind.

Blame for this offense should be placed on two men: Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese.

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