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Blessaun Austin Could be the Next Big Name Cornerback for Rutgers Football

Blessaun Austin opened up about recruiting and opportunities at the spring practice press conference.

Blessaun Austin was under-recruited out of high school due in large part and it his words, his “SAT score”. The athletic defensive back however found an alternate route to college football through prep school. He opened up about recruiting and opportunities at the spring practice press conference in the Hale Center in Piscataway. NJ.

On being under-recruited coming out of high school, and having to go the prep school route….

Not really, I wouldn’t say so [that I have to prove that I should have been recruited harder], it was my fault [that] I didn’t get the recruiting I wanted.

On the opportunity to practice this spring as an early enrolee:

” [it’s] real benificial…the mechanics that I learned as a corner, snapping out of bad habits that I had. I was undisciplined, this is college football now, the little things are very important, foot placement, where the hands should be”

On finding his name on the two-deep…

“I try not to pay attention to it, I’m just worried about getting better…of course I set that expectation [being on the field] I have to set [that] type of expectations for myself.”

On second opportunities in life…

“Prep school was definitely a second opportunity, immaturity [held me back], my freshman year of high school is what set me back. If you get a bad start of it’s hard to finish…and that is why I take this freshman year so seriously I realize if I start off strong the finish will be easier”

Being prepared for football…

“I feel like I developed my body enough, mentally to be ready to play.”

On NFL players he patterns his game off of…

“Richard Sherman, Joe Haden. Patrick Peterson I’m definitely a fan of… Morris Claiborne, I like his tenacity on the field, there’s a lot of guys. I try to take pieces from everybody’s game. Definitely Charles Woodson that’s my favorite player”.

Better against the pass or run?

“I think I am balanced in all aspects, being a bigger corner I can get my face in the run game a little I can make some tackles.”.

Blessaun Austin was called a "lockdown corner" by his Prep School coach

Blessaun Austin was called a “lockdown corner” by his Prep School coach

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