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Bobbi-Jo Dalziel Looking To Prove She Is Ready For The PFL Finals

Now 4-0 in her pro career, Dalziel’s (right) leg kicks are something to fear as the tournament progresses.

When a women’s lightweight division was announced for the latest season of the PFL, all eyes were on Kayla Harrison. The Olympic athlete created headlines when she showcased her skills in MMA for the first time. The same could be said for when Sarah Kaufman was signed. While there is no doubt what these two can do, there are plenty of other women who can dominate the competition.

Enter Bobbi-Jo Dalziel.

At PFL 2, the 12th card under the PFL banner, Dalziel (4-0) defeated Genah Fabian via unanimous decision. The Nassau Coliseum crowd was in awe as Dalziel used her impressive kicks to her advantage. At one point, they busted the face of Fabian open. For Dalziel, that was exactly what her plan was.

“You want to go out and you want to show your power,” Dalziel stated to Double G Sports after her fight. That way, they (any opponent) come in too quickly. You establish your reach and your advantage. As a result, you can set the pace. My opponent was a Muay Thai kickboxing champion. I don’t want her to go out there and overpower me, and she is very powerful.”

While she didn’t utilize her kicks in round two, her strikes did help give the 33-year-old some sort of advantage. Throwing Fabian off of her game, it was a showcase of her overall ability. Still, there are some things Dalziel stated she could improve on as the $1 million tournament goes on.

“I could have definitely moved more,” Bobbi-Jo continued. “It was almost like a stalemate for a little bit. She was good in the clinch. I saw a little double vision in the second round thanks to an eye poke (non-intentional), but overall she was a good opponent for me.”

Dalziel went back to the leg kicks, and the end result was inevitable. The second fight in the women’s tournament, it was a memorable outcome for the Canadian. Dalziel is expected to move on to the next round in the upcoming months.

As far as everyone focusing on Harrison and Kaufman, Bobbi-Joe doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she embraces it. If she continues to win, it will provide an epic moment for Dalziel and those who support her.

“That’s OK. I’d rather stay in the shadows until I fight them,” Bobbie Jo went on to say. “I like being the underdog, proving people wrong. For me to come out and beat either of them, it is my way of showing that they (PFL and fans) may be focusing on the wrong people.”

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