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Brad Balukjian discusses the release of his first book, “The Wax Pack” | In The Zone

Jackie Daly hosts a candid conversation with “The Wax Pack” author Brad Balukjian after the release of his first book! Balukjian, an accomplished freelance writer, dives deeper into the writing process, his own life, and his unpredictable experience of searching for baseball’s afterlife.

Balukjian has always been an avid baseball fan. Growing up in Rhode Island he should have showed an interest in their beloved Boston Red Sox, but just like many other things in his life, he always chose the road less traveled. This road led him to love the Philadelphia Phillies (when you read the book you will have a greater insight into why).

You don’t have to like sports or baseball to fall head-over-hells for “The Wax Pack”.

Check out the conversation with Balukjian and run to get this book. You will smile from ear to ear for a long time.

Next up: campaigning to get this made into a movie! Who’s in?!


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