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BREAKING: Jon Jones out of UFC 200 after doping violation

Well, that was unexpected.

In a late news conference, UFC President Dana White announced that Jon Jones has been knocked out of UFC 200 due to an anti-doping violation. Jones was supposed to face Daniel Cormier in the main event to determine the true UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. The suspension came out of nowhere as it was a few days before the most anticipated rematch in UFC history.


This just comes a few hours after I discussed the (now off) fight between these two warriors. We can scrap that aside for now.

This is another setback for Jon “Bones” Jones, who was looking to make his comeback after his previous suspension in 2015. This time it could be two years away from the octagon for Jones. In convenient fashion, the new main event of the card will be Brock Lesnar v. Mark Hunt. That is fun to think: a WWE superstar will main event a UFC PPV.

This is very disappointing. Not just for the UFC or Daniel Cormier, but for the fans. It appears that Jones robbed fans of seeing an epic encounter. DC spoke out about the breaking news, not hiding his disappointment. For someone to come back from an injury like his, only to once again have an opportunity delayed is unfortunate. He is still looking to fight at the event, and is willing to look for the right replacement.


The card for UFC 200 is still stacked, especially with Brock main eventing it, but the flow seems a little off now. The repercussion process for Jones will be discussed within the next few days, and all we can do is wait. While not everyone has all the facts, one thing is for sure: it’s not good.

The UFC has a lot to think about in regards to Jon Jones. His track record has not been promising for the growing company. Here’s hoping the card is still great without him, DC gets something out of this and Lesnar produces a moment we will never forget.

What a wild ride it has been, and its not even Saturday night yet.

To finish, all I have to say to Jon Jones is: Shame! Shame! Shame!

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