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BREAKING; Taylor Hall traded to Arizona Coyotes

In not-so breaking news, former Hart Trophy winner and All-Star forward Taylor Hall has been traded from the New Jersey Devils.  It was always a matter of when, not if and it looks like the Devils thought they found the perfect trade partners in the Arizona Coyotes.

Hall was sent to Arizona along with prospect Blake Speers (C) , while the Devils received prospects Kevin Bahl (D), Nick Merkley (F) and Nate Schnarr (C).  The Devils also receive a 2020 first round pick (lottery protected) and a conditional 2021 third round pick (can become first or second).  The Devils will retain 50% of Hall’s salary.

There are a few different layers to this trade that need to be uncovered.  First of all, the fact that not many people have heard of any of these prospects probably isn’t a good sign for the Devils.  Bahl most likely has the highest ceiling of the three prospects but it’s a complete crapshoot on the other two.

In Merkley the Devils get a smaller forward with a lot of bite to his game and a good scoring touch.  Unfortunately, he’s been marred by injuries his entire career and in situations like that the injury bug usually lingers for an entire career.  As for Schnarr, he seems to be slated as more of a Brian Boyle type role (though Boyle is much bigger).

Either way it’s a move that needed to be made by the Devils.  They clearly weren’t going to re-sign Hall and the later it got in the season the less they would receive.  It’s a necessary evil and it’s a big win for the Arizona Coyotes, as they get a former top pick and excellent player when healthy.


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