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Brock Lesnar And Paul Heyman Are The Only Things Keeping Fans Interested In The WWE Right Now




In one day, the month of October begins. Cooler weather, leaves changing colors and pumpkin flavored things becomes the norm around the country. One major thing that is occurring during the month of October is the WWE generating buzz with fans with the Brock Lesnar “Go to Hell” tour throughout the month.

The tour begins this Saturday night only on the WWE Network (I hate when they do that) as “The Beast Incarnate” takes on Big Show in a match from Madison Square Garden. It will be Lesnar’s first match in The Garden in over ten years since the disastrous WrestleMania 20 match he had with Bill Goldberg. This was scheduled as a normal WWE house show but the WWE is turning it into an event with Lesnar and Paul Heyman coming back to New York to wrestle at televised non-TV event. By the way the Big Show has no shot of winning in case you had any other thoughts.

In addition to this Saturday, Lesnar will appear on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s next podcast right after Monday Night Raw, also on the WWE Network, on October 19. This is interesting after Austin accidentally set up a Texas Death Match between himself and Lesnar at WrestleMania that will not be happening…ever. According to reports, Vince McMahon was furious at how Austin cut an impromptu promo when Heyman was on his show in June so needless to say we will not be seeing any fireworks or match angles set up between Lesnar and Austin in a few weeks.

The month concludes with Lesnar in match three of his trilogy with The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at the pay-per-view of the same name. After the way their match at SummerSlam ended with everyone hating the end of their match, the powers that be at the WWE moved up a third match between the two from WrestleMania to October in order to end the feud now. The build-up to that match has to start next Monday night in order for the match to feel like the end of the story between Taker and Lesnar.

The WWE is going through a bit of a rough spot right now. Ratings for their shows are down and while they will attribute low ratings to football or the weather or the pope visiting, the real reason is clear. The product has gotten stale over the last few months. Seth Rollins as WWE Champion as peaked, John Cena continues to win every week for the most part, the so called Divas Revolution is not a revolution at all and fans are barely making it through a three-hour Raw. I started nodding out during the last half-hour of the show this past Monday and Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt wasn’t terrible. It’s bad and the higher ups at the Titan Towers in Connecticut must know that.

This is where Lesnar comes in. Lesnar’s new contract he signed earlier this year called for more dates and this month is probably the best use of the limited dates he has. Lesnar has turned into a fan favorite and while business is down for the company, Heyman can sell a tax cut for the rich to Democrats so that alone will draw people into whatever those two are doing. People are looking forward to the month of Lesnar as many will be home on Saturday night to watch Lesnar suplex Big Show all around MSG with ease. Fans want to see some something different and when Lesnar appears, it is different because it feels like an event.

The bottom line for the WWE will be affected positively due to Lesnar’s return. I mean they are paying the man millions of dollars so they better use him as much as possible. However the hype around Lesnar shows a glaring weakness for the company. They are touting this month for one man but they can’t even get their house in order with the rest of their roster on a weekly basis. They are leaning on returning stars like Lesnar and Chris Jericho instead of pushing guys who are on the road consistently who are having trouble connecting with the audience. I feel like a broken record but it’s time for the WWE to start investing time into their young, emerging stars so they don’t have to lean on one man to improve business. But thanks to Lesnar, people will actually have some excitement about the WWE for the month of October.

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