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Broduer’s No. 30 to be Retired; Statue Will be Erected at Prudential Center

Number to be retired, Feb. 9

EAST HANOVER, NJ – “Marty! (*clap* *clap*) Marty!! (*clap* *clap*),” is a chant that the all-time winningest goaltender has not heard in a long time.  Martin Broduer got to re-live a glimpse of those glory days in front of a packed house of season ticket holders and members of the Devils organization during a press conference at the Prudential Center today.   

It was announced that the New Jersey Devils will formally retire the all-time great goaltender’s number on February 9th, before the team’s home game against the Edmonton Oilers.

In addition to Broduer’s no. 30 being retired, a statue of the three-time Stanley Cup Champion will be built in front of the Prudential Center, according to Devil’s co-owner, Josh Harris.

“It’s definitely a great honor.  The jersey retirement, I expected it I guess to a certain extent,” Brouduer said during a podcast with Yahoo! Sports.  “But the statue, not really.”

“This is home for me as a hockey player. I cherish every moment that… I’ve spent here in the past.”

According to a press release from the Devils, the team is working with sculptor, Jon Krawcyzk on the design of the statue.  Krawcyzk is responsible for the hockey figure that resides on Championship Plaza outside of the arena.

Broduer told Yahoo! Sports that the statue will look like some version of himself lifting his goal stick above his head in celebration. 

Broduer also mentioned that he will not be disappointed if former Devil’s General Manager, Lou Lamoriello is not in attendance during his number retirement.  Although he hopes that those close to him during his 24-year tenure in New Jersey do attend, the most important people who are there are his family.  That includes his late father, Denis Broduer.

“He’s got the best seat in the house,” Broduer told Yahoo! Sports.

The Devils are also selling ticket packs to celebrate each of Broduer’s three Stanley Cups.  The pack includes a ticket to the retirement night game and one to games against the teams  that the Devils defeated in their cup run that respective season.  The ticket packs, which can be purchased on the team’s Website, are as follows:


Fri. Dec. 11 vs. Detroit

Fri. Jan. 8 vs. Boston

Tue. Feb. 9 vs. Edmonton

Tue. Feb. 16 vs. Philadelphia


Fri. Dec. 4 vs. Philadelphia

Sat. Jan. 2 vs. Dallas

Tue. Feb. 9 vs. Edmonton

Sat. April 9 vs. Toronto


Sat. Dec. 19 vs. Anaheim

Tue. Feb. 9 vs. Edmonton

Fri. Feb. 26 vs. Tampa Bay

Tue. Mar. 29 vs. Boston

A limited edition puck is also included in these packs. 


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