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Brooklyn Nets: 3 Reasons Why Hiring Mark Jackson is The Right Move

The Brooklyn Nets finished the 2018-19 season with a 42-40 record and made the playoffs for the first time since 2015. The team was coached by Kenny Atkinson who was recently fired.

Brooklyn managed to take the league by storm without a true star on their roster. Unfortunately, this season is different as the team sits in 7th place in the Eastern Conference with a 30-34 record.

Obviously, injury is a major factor and the team is without Kevin Durant for the season and Kyrie Irving has been in and out of the lineup due to injury. In addition to playing without their stars, the locker room environment has been effected.

Irving’s comments may have impacted certain teammates and the firing of Atkinson plays a huge role in the team’s current record. Needless to say, this season has been interesting and the Nets still can make the playoffs if the season continues (COVID-19 pandemic).

Moving forward, Brooklyn needs to start looking for the next coach to take the reins. One coach that needs to be strongly considered is Mark Jackson.

Here are three reasons why the Nets need to consider hiring Jackson as their next head coach.

Brooklyn Nets: Need Experience

The firing of Atkinson came as a surprise to most but it may have been destined after acquiring two superstars in the offseason. Last season exceeded expectations for the franchise and should have locked Atkinson in for another season from a job security standpoint.

On the flip side, his laid back demeanor may not have been enough to handle the personality of Durant and Irving. But hiring Jackson will help this team instantly. It’s important to note that he is from Brooklyn New York.

Jackson is currently an analyst for ESPN but is open to the idea of coaching again in the right situation. His experience is evident as he played 17 years in the NBA and coached for three. From 2011 to 2014 he coached the Golden State Warriors.

In addition to coaching the Warriors, he built the current blueprint you see today by drafting Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Shortly after a first-round exit in the 2014 playoffs Jackson and GS parted ways.

Ultimately, players would gravitate to Jackson because of his experience and knowledge around the game. It’s different playing for a coach who is an excellent communicator and actually played the game on the highest level.


Furthermore, Jackson’s leadership will help this team develop into a contender. It’s tough to navigate certain player’s personalities, especially when they are franchise players.

KD and Irving have won championships so it’s hard to motivate players who have been there to buy into your system. Because of Jackson’s pedigree as a coach and person, the Nets will hop on board with his vision.

Despite Jackson’s firing his former players in Curry, Green, and Thomson always have positive feedback about him. During the Brooklyn natives playing career, he motivated his teammates to fight during every possession (think back to Indiana vs New York).

The Brooklyn native is a point guard at heart and will be able to help Irving see plays in a different way. The two will connect because of their Tri-State area up bringing.


Lastly, Jackson’s personality will connect with the team. His faith plays a huge part in his life and he uses it to spread love and mentorship.

The 54-year-old connects with younger players and takes them under his wing. Jackson is smart, firm, funny and outspoken and can get anyone excited about basketball.

Often times coaches find it hard to connect with players due to the pressure to win. But the former Warriors coach makes it a priority to help players grow on and off the court.

Make no mistake, Jackson may not be on their radar as of now but this should be a coach that Brooklyn considers. The next coach of the Nets has to be able to handle the bright lights, playoff expectations, and market.

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Zackery Rogers is a Morgan State and Notre Dame of Maryland University Alumnus. He is from Germantown, MD and is a Believer, Sports Fanatic, and lover of Sneakers.
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