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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Bryce Petty Era Begins, Giants Win On Monday Night And Chaos In College Football

Bryce Petty Era Begins With Ugly Loss To Rams

After it was announced that Bryce Petty would start for the New York Jets on Sunday, you almost knew that the playbook would be paired down to just ten plays. Well to the surprise of many Jet fans, the playbook featured 13 plays but the Jets still lost to the Rams 9-6 in an ugly game on Sunday. Petty threw for 163 yards with one touchdown and an interception as the Jets offense couldn’t get anything started the entire afternoon.

The Jets defense held the Rams to 280 yards but let’s be clear…it was against Case Keenum. There was constant pressure on Keenum and the Jets front seven just assaulted the Rams’ offensive line but once again…it was the Rams. For the remainder of the season this is what you will see from the Jets as Petty will most likely remain the starter. Ugly games, defensive battles and a limited offense is the course for the Jets as the season continues.

Giants Hold On Against The Bengals On Monday Night

The Giants put on a defensive display of brilliance holding Cincinnati to just 264 yards of total offense in their 21-20 win on Monday night. Eli Manning threw for three touchdowns (and two interceptions) and Rashad Jennings ran for 67 yards as the Giants’ offense actually began to look like a balanced offense for the first time all season. Add in three sacks from the defense and the Giants won a big game against a good team.

At 6-3 the Giants hit an easy part of their schedule as they take on the Bears and the Browns before going on the road to Pittsburgh in three weeks. If the Giants win these two games, they are 8-3 going into the last month of the season where they could compete for the division or at least a playoff spot. I won’t say that these upcoming two games are must-wins but I will say it…these games against Chicago and Cleveland could put the Giants in an amazing spot.

Following the Pittsburgh game, they’ll have a huge home date with the Dallas Cowboys. Giants vs. Cowboys tickets start at a whopping $243, according to Razorgator. If they can get through this stretch of games and enter December 11th within one game of Dallas, they could be fighting for the division.

Moving The Chains

  • L.A. Rams fans get their “wish” as number one draft pick Jared Goff will make his first NFL start this weekend against the Dolphins. Hopefully the reports of Goff being nowhere close to ready for pro ball is wrong for the sake of L.A. fans. You can find Rams, and other NFL tickets at
  • Rutgers lost to 2-6 Michigan State 49-0…enough said.
  • The second week of the College Football Playoff rankings was released and chaos has ensued. The second, third and fourth raked teams lost which shook up the ranking completely. The rankings now read Alabama 1, Ohio State 2, Michigan 3 and Clemson 4. Ohio State and Michigan will meet in a few weeks for what will essentially be a playoff game in and of itself.  Ohio State Buckeyes football tickets cost at least $200 for the game, so there will be a lot of bummed Buckeyes fans of the Wolverines come out on top.
  • Another week and we have yet another game not in the United States. This weekend will feature the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans in Mexico City on Monday night. Once again, I understand that the NFL wants to go global but it has to be incremental and not four or five games in other places during the season. It’s too much.

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Kahlil Thomas

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