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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Era Ends For Giants, Jets Blow Playoff Chance And Seahawks Gearing Up For Run

The regular season finale edition of Bump N’ Run sees the season end for our two local teams, with one team dropping the ball completely and the other just playing out the season. Bowl game after bowl game has been on my television, to the point where I hate all the songs ESPN use to promote the games. Let’s begin the article by discussing the one team who could have made the playoffs on Sunday.


The Same Old Jets


Sunday’s 22-17 Jet loss to Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills was probably one of the worst losses in the franchise’s history. A game that should have been won and dominated by New York was lost by odd play-calling on both sides of the ball and inopportune turnovers by Ryan Fitzpatrick in the second half. Add in Darrelle Revis getting smoked by Sammy Watkins repeatedly and Chris Ivory pulling a disappearing act and the Jets were doomed to lose this game. As Ray Lucas said the SNY post-game show, “it was disgraceful.”

A 10-6 record is definitely an upgrade for the Jets after the last two seasons under Ryan. But the flaws of this team were on full display in this game. An inexperienced coach in Todd Bowles who made critical mistakes, an offense that only has a serviceable quarterback and a spluttering offensive line that just let the Bills front seven pressure Fitzpatrick. This was a demoralizing loss but a loss that the Jets can build on going into the 2016 season when the Jets will be a favorite to win the AFC East.


The Giants End A Disappointing Season


We all knew what the fate of Tom Coughlin was after the blowout loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Going into the Philadelphia Eagles game, all fans wanted was to send Coughlin out as a winner and the team played hard for their coach for those 60 minutes. In the end, the defense let the team down once again as the Giants went down to the Chip Kelly-less Eagles 35-30 in Coughlin’s final game as head coach of the New York Football Giants.

At the end of the day Coughlin resigned as Giants coach on Monday but Coughlin should have kept his job. The blame for this disastrous season goes to general manager Jerry Reese. Not the greatest coach in the world could have coached the Giants’ defense to success and the fact that the team won six games should be considered an accomplishment and not a disappointment. Reese has not drafted well in the late rounds where you find diamonds in the rough and the free agent signing decisions he made were questionable when you re-sign an oft-injured Jon Beason and overpay for Dwayne Harris among other things. Coughlin fell on the sword while Reese gets a pass. It’s not right.


Around The Country


  • Are we shocked that Christian Hackenberg declared for the NFL Draft? The Penn State quarterback hurt his shoulder in the TaxSlayer Bowl and after that injury I figured that his collegiate career would end. He is an above average quarterback with a strong arm who could be a good quarterback in the NFL if he’s put in the right situation. Obviously James Franklin and his offense was the not the right fit as Hackenberg looked lost and confused for the last two seasons.
  • The Seattle Seahawks may be the most dangerous team in the NFL Playoffs. Yes the Chiefs have won 10 games in a row and the Denver Broncos stormed back to take the number one seed in the AFC but with the Seahawks and Russell Wilson clicking on all cylinders, they may make a run to Super Bowl 50 for their third consecutive trip to The Big Game.
  • I called Clemson over Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff but Michigan State just no-showed their Cotton Bowl match-up against Alabama. The Spartans’ 38-0 drubbing on New Years Eve was embarrassing for a team that many saw a dark horse to win the National Championship. Anything to not have Alabama and Nick Saban win another title. LET’S GOT TIGERS!

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Kahlil Thomas

Kahlil is the College Sports Editor for as well as a columnist, hosting the Bump 'N Run column once per week. He also co-hosts a weekly basketball podcast, The Box Out, every Thursday evening with fellow writer Jason Cordner.
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