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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Geno Smith Is New Jets Starter, Giants Have No Running Game And Rowan Moves To 5-1

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Deshown Waller, No. 4 (Photo by Double G Media)


Giants Win A Penalty Riddled Game Against Baltimore

In a game that featured 22 penalties (including a couple of questionable calls against New York), the Giants held on to defeat the Ravens 27-23 on Sunday. Odell Beckham Jr. had the best game of his career catching eight passes for 222 yards and two long touchdowns. His behavior is beginning to wear many people thin but if he is going to continually catch touchdowns, people will deal with an overly emotional wide receiver. Trust me, we have seen it before.

The negative of the New York win is the running game…or the non-existent running game that is. 17 carries for 38 yards as a team is not going to get the job done as we get late into the NFL season and it’s becoming a serious problem. Rashad Jennings isn’t a number one back anymore and it’s time for the Giants to begin taking a hard look at Paul Perkins to see if he is capable of becoming a starting running back in the league.

Also, the Giants pass rush is beginning to improve but more pressure is needed. A lot of money was spent last off-season on that defensive line and it’s time for a return on their investment.

Jets Move To 1-5, Geno Smith Will Start This Week

After an off-season where the New York Jets bent to Ryan Fitzpatrick and his $12 million salary request, the Jets are 1-5 after a Monday Night Football loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Fitzpatrick threw another interception to bring his total to 11 interceptions this season and after giving his quarterback a vote of confidence two weeks ago, Todd Bowles decided on Wednesday to make a switch…and Geno Smith will be the stating quarterback this weekend against the Baltimore Ravens

Smith, who has an 11-18 record as a starting quarterback, is far from the answer for the Jets to make the playoffs. This is a move that had to be done because of the inability for the team to get anything going offensively. Smith and Bryce Petty will get looks at quarterback to see if either of these guys can even be considered as a starting quarterback for the Jets for the 2017 season. Christian Hackenberg is a project so you will not see him at all this season. Will the Jets make the playoffs this season? No. This is a season to see where they go next year.

Moving The Chains

  • As a fantasy football player, I take back everything I had to say about Jeremy Kerley last week. Colin Kaepernick will ruin his resurgent career.
  • Boise State is 6-0 and ranked 14th in the country. I’m hoping they run the table to see how in the bag for the Power 5 conferences the College Football Playoff committee really is.
  • The Green Bay Packers are down to one running back on the roster after it was announced that Eddie Lacy will miss time. They have been struggling and it will continue, even after trading for Knile Davis on Thursday.
  • Cam Newton’s child-like press conferences after Carolina Panther losses need to stop. You are a leader in your locker room and you pouting and not answering questions is immature. Cut it out.
  • Shout out to Rowan Football as the Profs moved to 5-1 on the season after a 17-7 win over Southern Virginia on the road last weekend. Gawain Bragg led Rowan with 144 yards on the ground and two touchdowns as Rowan (currently ranked 21st in the D3 Football National Rankings) has won three in row heading into a home game against WesleyCollege on Saturday at 1 p.m.

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