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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Giants Defeat Jets In Snoopy Bowl And Colin Kaepernick Thoughts

We are in the final week of preseason in the NFL and while the beginning of the pro season is one week away, the beginning of the college football season is upon also. This past week saw the annual game between the Giants and Jets along with a major football and social story as well. Let’s begin with our local teams.

Giants Beat Jets In Snoopy Bowl

In the annual preseason meeting between the two New York/New Jersey teams, the Giants defeated the Jets 21-20 behind a second half comeback from the Giants’ backups. While both teams’ first-string offenses were not firing on all cylinders, the game picked up in the second half after the Giants went down 10-0 as the Giant defense stopped the Jets from building on their early lead. Cementing that effort on defense was Kerry Wynn’s 73-yard interception return for a touchdown in the third quarter.

Even with the win, Ryan Nassib continued to struggle going 6-for-19 and although he threw two touchdowns, the first TD throw was wobbly as Tavarres King saved the pass that was under thrown significantly. Eli Manning had an efficient first half of play completing 10-of-15 passes but also with an interception. The story for the Giant offense was the continued poor play from the running game as Big Blue ran for 39 yards on 20 carries.

For the Jets, the offense showed flashes as Ryan Fitzpatrick connected with Eric Decker for a touchdown in the second quarter. As a Penn State fan, one of the highlights was seeing Christian Hackenberg in his first NFL action and while it wasn’t overly impressive (6-16, 105 yards, 1 TD, I INT), you could definitely see why the Jets took a chance on him with a second round pick. Something that also caught my attention during Saturday’s game was Dee Milliner. It seems that Milliner has not improved since being drafted and with the scheme that the Jets run on defense where man-to-man is necessary, it just seems like the former first-round pick could be a detriment for the team in the long run. Or he could get hurt again which is very likely also.

Moving The Chains

The college football season begins this weekend with a lot of major match-ups as teams begin trying to impress the College Football Playoff committee. It is very early to make playoff predictions but here’s who I believe will be in the final four of the CFP.

Ohio State

  • It was announced that Trevor Siemian will be the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos when their season begins next Thursday night at home against the Carolina Panthers. Now that Teddy Bridgewater tore his ACL on Tuesday, the Minnesota Vikings are considering trading for Mark Sanchez and the Broncos are considering making that move. The Broncos are going to stink this year.
  • Tony Romo is hurt…again. Romo will miss 6-10 weeks with a compression fracture in his back. Dak Prescott, the rookie darling of the NFL preseason, was named the Cowboys starting quarterback for the beginning of the season. With the Giants playing the Cowboys in Week 1, Olivier Vernon and the Giants are probably licking their chops for the rookie quarterback they will next Sunday night. The Giants will win the game but it will be unnecessarily close because it’s the Giants.
  • The elephant in the room this week is about 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Last weekend, Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem and this has been the main story on ESPN and news channels as well. Here’s what I think: Yes there are issues in America, especially in regards to race relations. But to not stand for the anthem for a country that gave you loving parents who adopted you and took care of you when in some countries, you may not have had that opportunity to be adopted is a farce. In a country where you signed a huge contract while being nowhere near that contract’s value is something to be proud of. Kaepernick said he will continue to not stand for the anthem and in this country, that is your right to protest but it is disrespectful to not stand for it. I’m not going to tell you to leave America if you’re not happy here because that is a stupid thing to say but what I will say is this. Follow the example of Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade and don’t whine about it. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND BE PRODUCTIVE.

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Kahlil Thomas

Kahlil is the College Sports Editor for as well as a columnist, hosting the Bump 'N Run column once per week. He also co-hosts a weekly basketball podcast, The Box Out, every Thursday evening with fellow writer Jason Cordner.
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