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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Giants Looking For New Coach, Playoff Action And More NFL Relocation Greed

A new week of Bump N’ Run as we close out the college football season and begin the playoffs in the NFL. It has been major news week for the sport of football so let’s get right down to business.

Giants Head Coaching Search In Full Effect

Last week the New York Football Giants made in my opinion the wrong move in letting Tom Coughlin walk away from the team. After Coughlin decided to resign, general manager Jerry Reese had a defiant press conference explaining that the personnel on the team was his fault and he takes full responsibility for the players on the team. With that said, shouldn’t Reese also be held accountable for the back-to-back 6-10 seasons the Giants just finished? Why did Coughlin fall on the sword for an inept general manager who has dropped the ball continuously?

With Coughlin’s departure, the Giants are in the market for a new coach and they have been active in interviews. They have already interviewed internal candidates Steve Spagnuolo (defensive coordinator) and Ben McAdoo (offensive coordinator) along with Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and Jacksonville Jaguars assistant head coach Doug Marrone to name a few. More candidates will most likely be interviewed but at this point, it seems that ownership wants to find a coach as soon as possible. No matter who they hire, they must retain McAdoo as OC. Eli Manning is 35 years old and he should not waste the next two seasons learning a new offense. McAdoo may not be the next Giants head coach but he should stay in his current job.

Wild Card Weekend Lives Up To Name

For the first time in NFL history, all four road teams on Wild Card Weekend won their games. The Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers advanced in the NFL postseason tournament and the upcoming games this weekend are some of the more interesting we have seen in recent years, including three rematches from the regular season. Here are the match-ups:

(1) Carolina Panthers vs. (6) Seattle Seahawks- Week 6: Panthers 27, Seahawks 23
(2) Arizona Cardinals vs. (5) Green Bay Packers- Week 16: Cardinals 38, Packers 8

Denver Broncos vs. (6) Pittsburgh Steelers- Week 15: Steelers 34, Broncos 27
New England Patriots vs. (5) Kansas City Chiefs

After Wild Card weekend, I am really starting to think that the Steelers and the Seahawks are almost destined to meet in Super Bowl 50. A chip shot 27-yard field goal missed by Blair Walsh and the Vikings? Two consecutive dumb 15-yard penalties by the Bengals to set up Pittsburgh’s short game-winning field goal and gift wrap the game to the Steelers? Those two games are showing that destiny may be in Seattle and Pittsburgh team’s favor.

Around The Country

  • So Alabama won the National Championship on Monday…with the way everyone was talking leading up to the game, it seemed like a foregone conclusion. Clemson played their hearts out and the 45-40 loss is nothing they should take to heart and they are definitely the favorites to make it back to the big game next season. The Crimson Tide played a great game and of course we got the sourpuss reaction to the title from Nick Saban that we have all come to expect annually.
  • I am not a head football coach or anything but I would want no part of the Cleveland Browns. Their owner is way too hands-on, their roster is garbage and frankly, who is their quarterback? I would almost feel bad for the poor soul who gets the job and they should probably keep their resume handy after about two years.
  • On Tuesday, the NFL Relocation committee granted the St. Louis Rams their wish and they will be moving to Los Angeles (Inglewood to be exact). The San Diego Charges have the option to join them if they want in 2017 and they will most likely take the offer to join the Rams if they don’t get their way in SD. I feel bad for the fans in San Diego and St. Louis and it just shows how sports leagues have gotten greedy. It also shows the greed of multi-million dollar owners who has the money to put up for stadium, but instead want taxpayers to pay for it. Most owners today are selfish individuals who do not care about the fans and at some point fans have to stand up and show their displeasure by hurting those men’s wallets.

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Kahlil Thomas

Kahlil is the College Sports Editor for as well as a columnist, hosting the Bump 'N Run column once per week. He also co-hosts a weekly basketball podcast, The Box Out, every Thursday evening with fellow writer Jason Cordner.
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