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Bump N’ Run W/ KT: Offense Sputters Again For Giants, Jets Play With Heart Against New England College Playoff News

The Giants Push Winning Streak To Six Games

A win is a win but the New York Giants six-game winning streak may be one of the ugliest win streaks I’ve ever seen. After their 27-13 win over the Cleveland Browns, the Giants moved to 8-3 and stayed two games behind the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East with their second matchup looming on Sunday Night Football on Dec. 11.

The Cleveland game was ugly as the Giants defense continued to win games for the team while the offense continued to sputter along. The running game could not get anything started and while Eli Manning had another efficient game (15-of-27, 194 yards, 3 TD’s), the stop and go nature of the New York Giants offense is becoming dangerously inefficient. Heading into their game against the Steelers and the Cowboys, the team cannot depend on the defense like they have against the bad teams they have played lately.

On a bright note, Jason Pierre Paul is playing for a contract and he is beginning to look like a premier pass rusher again. Against the Browns JPP had five tackles, three sacks and returned a fumble for a touchdown. Add in two sacks from Olivier Vernon and the Giants defense is looking like those dominant defenses that won two Super Bowls. Here’s hoping that the offense picks up the pace and if that happens, the NFL could have a problem come January.

Jets Play New England Tough But Lose 22-17

For all those who say that Todd Bowles has lost his team and there is no heart in the Jets locker room need to take back those words. Gang Green’s 22-17 loss to the Patriots showed that the team still has a heartbeat even if their season is over.

The downfall of the Jets in this game was their running game as New England held the Jets to just 64 yards (2.8 yards per carry). This required Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw the ball 32 times and something magical happened…Fitzpatrick didn’t throw an interception. Quincy Enunwa is becoming a capable NFL receiver catching five passes for 106 yards with a touchdown against the Patriots.

In regards to the Jets defense, there was not much pressure put on Tom Brady as he had plenty of time to throw the ball all game long. Without pressure, Brady will carve up a defense and that’s exactly what he did.

For the remaining month of the season, many of the Jets players will be playing for a spot with the team next season. As for Bowles, here’s hoping that this game will make people stop talking about his job being on the line because it’s utter rubbish.

Moving The Chains

  • Are The Oakland Raiders this Good? Everyone, including myself, said that the Raiders would be the surprise team this season but they are better than we all expected.
  • The College Football Playoff rankings were released and Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Washington are in the top four. Alabama will be hosting the Florida Gators in the SEC Championship, while Clemson faces Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship and Washington faces Colorado in the Pac-12. Of the three games, SEC Championship football tickets are the most expensive with a get-in price of $172, followed by tickets for the ACC Championship game (get-in of $30) and Pac-12 Championship tickets (get-in of $21). With Alabama, Clemson and Washington playing in conference championship games, there is a chance for complete and utter chaos in the rankings. Speaking of chaos…
  • There is a huge chance that if Navy defeats Temple in the AAC title game on Saturday, the final rankings could be delayed until after the Navy-Army on Dec. 10. The rankings are set to be released this Sunday and Navy could be the outside the Power 5 conferences teams to get into a major bowl if they beat Temple. God I hope Navy wins.
  • My biggest issue this NFL season is the sheer awfulness of coaching decisions this year. From Jay Gruden not knowing you can tie in the NFL to Gary Kubiak allowing his kicker to kick a ridiculous FG and miss it on Sunday night. They get paid for this and I think 12-year old nephew who plays pee-wee football has a little more sense than some of these coaches.

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