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A week of sickness is over and that means Bump N’ Run makes its return to Double G Sports. We haven’t spoke since before the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons where I predicted a 31-28 win for the Falcons. I mean, I was right with one part.

Patriots Win Fifth Super Bowl

The game was over. Midway through the third quarter, people began writing about the virtues of Matt Ryan and Dan Quinn and then…the Falcons just stopped doing what they were doing. The Patriots went on a 31-0 run and defeated Atlanta 34-28 in the first overtime Super Bowl game in history. Tom Brady was crowned the greatest quarterback of all time after the game and the Atlanta Falcons went down as the biggest choke artists this side of the Buffalo Bills.

It’s been almost two weeks since the Super Bowl and much of the conversation as shifted to the upcoming NFL Scouting Combine. Here is the two week report after The Big Game. New England, by hook or by crook, solidified themselves as a model franchise in the NFL (still nowhere close to the Giants in class however). The Falcons will feel the effect of this loss for years to come as their next Super Bowl visit may not come for a long time. Finally Roger Goodell looked like an idiot after the game and the morning handing Brady the MVP trophy. I would feel bad for Roger if it wasn’t so funny.

Giants Say Goodbye To Cruz

Everyone knew it was going to happen but it didn’t hurt any less. This week the New York Giants released Victor Cruz from the team, a move that saved the team millions to spend in free agency. Everyone knew that Cruz was not the same player he was before his knee and calf injuries and for what he was making, it just made more sense to let him go than to overpay for a fourth wide receiver at best.

People will mention the Miami trip with his fellow receivers as his last official act as a New York Giant but I will remember his breakout rookie season and how Cruz-Mania swept through the tri-state area. Cruz won a Super Bowl with the team and while his career wasn’t as long as many would have wanted it to be, he was a good player, a good guy and someone I’m proud to say was from where I was born, Paterson, N.J.

Gonna miss you Victor. Good luck to you wherever your football career takes you.

That is a wrap for Bump N’ Run for a couple of weeks. The football juices will recharge and I will return around the NFL Scouting Combine to discuss the best prospects and who the Jets and Giants should target at the NFL Draft. Until then, enjoy the football break but let your heart not be troubled…

I’ll be back.

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Kahlil Thomas

Kahlil is the College Sports Editor for as well as a columnist, hosting the Bump 'N Run column once per week. He also co-hosts a weekly basketball podcast, The Box Out, every Thursday evening with fellow writer Jason Cordner.
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