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Camden Riversharks Celebrating 15th Season

The Camden Riversharks are about to start their 2015 season.



Hold on to your hats ladies, gentleman and kiddies; it’s getting close to that time of the year. Yes, baseball season.  Although, the Major League Baseball season is underway, the Camden Riversharks are about to start theirs.

Even though the Camden Riversharks are not affiliated with the Major League Baseball Association, it is a great alternative to watch. Getting season tickets for the Camden Riversharks is a fraction of what the Philadelphia Phillies would be.

The Riversharks offer party packages, kid wrist bands to allow them to play in the kid’s zone, and even suites you can rent for the whole game to allow privacy and enjoyable times for you and your family. Across the board everything is cheaper as well. Everything from parking to concession stand items. How can you turn down $1 dog nights.

The Camden Riversharks hold a family friendly feel to the ball park. If you are looking for something to do this summer for a cheap and reasonable price and not have to worry about the out of control people around you whom may have been drinking; then the Riversharks are the place for you. Just like any MLB ballpark, the Riversharks do sell alcohol. In all my 15 years of going to Campbell’s Field, I have never once seen an intoxicated person disturbing the peace there.

The Riversharks staff consists of veterans from the major league and even regular joe schmo like you and me. They hold try outs and comb through the good and the bad to build a great team, to also give these guys hope to one day making it to the big leagues.

I have been going to Campbell’s Field since it first opened in 2001. After every inning, they have special games for people who sign up get to participate in. I won one time back in 2004 when my brother signed myself, him and his wife up to do a potato sack race on the field. I won and got a huge box of all different kind of Utz Potato chips.

Riversharks also have Wawa, Utzs as well as other local businesses who sponsor them.

Just remember…” Its Shark Attack Time…”

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