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Can Lebron Win Another Championship? 5 Reasons He Might Not

Lebron James (Getty Images)

Lebron James (Getty Images)


Lebron James doesn’t seem to be in the MVP race discussion this season, and it’s perfectly reasonable that he is mostly left out of the discussion. Steph Curry is having a historical year while Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have been similarly insane.

LeBron James could be playing in his 6th consecutive NBA Finals in June, but that doesn’t mean he will win another championship. With the rise of the warriors and the Spurs being the Spurs, we really have to start asking ourselves: Will the King get another ring anytime soon?

Here are the top five reasons LeBron James may not win another championship:


The Golden State Warriors are the class of the NBA. The team nucleus is young, talented and clearly loves playing together. This team will be around and contend for years to come.


Lebron was a Ray Allen miss away from being 0-3 against the Spurs in the NBA Finals. The Spurs are the epitome of a well-oiled machine and right now, every gear is running smoothly. The team’s veterans, as well as the younger talents, all exhibit a high basketball IQ. The scariest thing about the Spurs now is, they’re attracting free agents.


The talent gap is closing, and the talent is shifting to the East. The Eastern Conference games have more meaning now that they aren’t thought of as Triple-A games, or just as teams beating up on each other for the privilege of getting smacked by LeBron James in the playoffs. Boston has the best coach in the conference. Toronto has the best backcourt in the conference. Miami and Indiana are getting better. Western Conference free agents may opt to go east for an easier path towards the NBA Finals.


LeBron is on the other side of 30. Lebron James has played in five consecutive NBA Finals, not to mention two consecutive Olympics. Those are a lot of minutes for the King. Even though LeBron is in amazing shape, he could see his body eventually start to break down.


Cleveland hasn’t won a major championship since 1964, although the organization is trying to change that. Free agents don’t like going to Cleveland. Lebron had to leave Cleveland to win a championship. Even with the return of the King, the Cavs will have a hard time convincing players on the roster to stay with the team. You should never marry a woman who is depending on you all the time. That’s what James did by going back to Cleveland.

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