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Can New York Jets Keep High Energy After Beating New England?

The New York Jets will need to find a way to continue playing high energy football. Can they do it? Or are we going to witness a team fall flat after their big win this past weekend?

We have seen this scenario time and time again. A team puts so much emphasis on beating one opponent that they fall flat the very next time on the field or court.

The New York Jets can not let that happen. If it does, the Pittsburgh Steelers will walk all over them Sunday night at Heinz Field. It’s Pittsburgh hosting New York, winner moves on to the Super Bowl.

After all the talking that went on the week leading up to the game in New England, the Jets took the field and backed it up. The Jets defense kept Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady flustered all game.

New York played a high energy game from start to finish.

Will there be a let down? Has the team exhausted all it’s energy on beating the “hated” New England Patriots? Is there anything left for the game in Pittsburgh?

New York seems to feed off all the talking they do leading up to a game. Call it classless or obnoxious if you want (I will not disagree), but it works for this team. Even head coach Rex Ryan seems a bit more relaxed early this week. He has yet to call out anyone from Pittsburgh and make it a personal battle as he did in their games against Indianapolis (Peyton Manning) and New England (Bill Belichick).

The Steelers play a similar brand of football. Expect a hard fought, defensive battle on Sunday. Both teams go as far as their defense takes them. New York however will need a very good performance on both sides of the ball if they want to win the AFC Championship and head to Dallas for the Super Bowl.

It will be interesting this week to see if the Jets can once again turn up the heat and find the energy to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s not always easy keeping the energy level as high as needed when coming off a big win like they got this past weekend.

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