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Can Steve Rolls “Pull a Ruiz” against Golovkin?

With GGG slowing down, can Rolls take advantage?

It goes without saying that anything can happen in boxing. Just recently, Andy Ruiz Jr. shocked the world when he dethroned Anthony Joshua. Where did that fight take place exactly? Inside Madison Square Garden, the same place Steve Rolls plans to do the same thing against Gennady Golovkin on June 8th.

The 164-pound fight against someone like GGG (38-1-1) is what many fighters dream about. Anyone else would be nervous. Rolls (19-0), however, has all the confidence in the world.

“You can look at me as an underdog but in my mind, I’m the best investment this side of Wall Street,” said Rolls. “Triple G is going to face boxing’s version of Kawhi Leonard on June 8.”

Rolls, who had an 83-14 amateur record while with the Canadian National Boxing Team, is not some unknown as others think. While Golovkin is his first real test, the man with ten knockout wins has power that could come in handy.

The real question is what Golovkin are we getting here? He is 1-1-1 in his last three fights, even though the draw against Canelo was extremely questionable. At 37, GGG’s best days may very well be behind him. It is truly hard to say, especially considering he was on a 37-fight win streak until recently.

As far as repeating last week’s wild affair, Rolls had ideas of making history well before Ruiz did.

Even before I saw [Joshua vs. Ruiz], I had every plan of coming here to pull an upset. I know exactly what I’m capable of,” Rolls said during a press conference. “I understand when you get two guys in the ring, anything can happen. When you count anyone out, I just don’t get that. Anything’s possible when you get in a ring with another man.”

One quality Rolls has as a fighter is his willingness to fight anyone. That is a result of him being denied true, quality talent. With Golovkin, he gets his wish, and then some. If the Golovkin of old, the one who had 33 wins via KO before Canelo, comes out, perhaps Rolls will get the fight of his life. Maybe, just, maybe, that is what he wants.

Steve Rolls is not Andy Ruiz Jr. Andy Ruiz is not Steve Rolls. Two different styles do share something in common, however: the chance to take down one of the top fighters in the sport of boxing today. If Rolls can play his own game and not GGG’s, we may just witness another magical Madison Square Garden moment.

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