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Cappie Pondexter Shows Love For Basketball & Fashion

Anyone who is a women’s basketball fan would be no stranger to the name Cappie Pondexter.  The California born basketball star was the No. 2 pick in the 2008 WNBA draft out of Rutgers University where she had a stellar career.  She was the Big East Rookie of the Year in 2003 and her Rutgers squad won the Big East Conference two years in a row 2005 and 2006 respectively.  In the latter year she was also named the National Player of the Year and also the Big East Women’s Player of the Year.

As clichéd as this may sound, “She’s got game.”  Cappie’s basketball career is nothing short of one accomplishment after another.  She also happened to have played ball on the European circuit. She was also a part of the team that brought home Olympic Gold in Beijing in 2008, undoubtedly one of the WNBA’s superstars.

Cappie was happy to be drafted with the Phoenix Mercury and played two seasons with them but this smart and savvy athlete had a plan for her life after basketball.  She had a desire to be a part of the fashion world and wanted to set this plan in motion.  Where else in the world could she get the wheels turning on this dream?

Well she got the ball rolling when she requested a trade.  What did this mean for the two-time WNBA title holder? It was nothing but a blessing in disguise.

It meant that she was taking her five-time WNBA All Star playing self to “the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.”  She landed smack dab in the mecca of the fashion world as the New York Liberty guard and Co captain.  Her career took off and catapulted her to becoming a candidate for MVP during the last season.  But while her career was taken off her fashion appetite was being stimulated.

On the court Cappie is the consummate basketball player and not so ‘girlie’ but off the court she is every bit a fashionista.  She was once quoted as saying she, “has a serious knack and love for fashion so even though I do what I do on the court (and I does it well)….. A girl always makes time to accessorize.”

Being in New York gave her the opportunity to start her own personal style and image consulting company with a business partner who is a celebrity stylist.  Four Seasons Style Management as the business is called offer their services not only to celebs and athletes but to everyday people.  The hallmark of her company is to take time to know her clients lifestyle personally and professionally and match them with their appropriate images.

Who would say no to this kind of service?  Fashion and sports do go together for the simple reason that a lot of our athletes are trendsetters in their own right.

Off the court the 5ft 9in ‘Bball’ star looks every bit of a sassy model who dresses someone edgy yet tasteful.  She does have the same swag on and off the court, and loves to make a fashion statement when she dresses.  Cappie wears a lot of black but she is also into color.  She loves layers and can dress up or down an outfit.  Comfort and style is a must for her as she can be seeing “rocking” her flats sometimes but loves to wear her high heels whenever necessary.

One of her favorite designers is Marc Jacobs.  Recently on Better TV, she gave the viewers a peep into her fashion style.  The military look, blazers, cardigans and a sexy black dress have to be a part of her ensemble.  She likes it simple, chic, funky and fabulous. Cappie is a trendsetter whose sense of style is uniquely hers just as her game.

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