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During a rather quiet week in the offseason, new reports indicated that New York Knicks fans may have even less to look forward to next season. Amidst the drama unfolding around Carmelo Anthony, the forward came out with news regarding his no-trade clause. On Tuesday, reports indicated that Anthony was still willing to drop his clause for the Houston Rockets, but not for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Anthony’s decision will directly hamper and/or halt any attempt the Knicks make at acquiring Kyrie Irving.

It’s no secret that the Knicks were in hot pursuit of Irving once he requested a trade late last month. Likewise, the Cavaliers have expressed interest in Anthony. The hope was that maybe a trade of Anthony for Irving could commence so both teams could get what they want. Anthony, though, seems unwilling to oblige. He has been vocal on his desire to get out of New York and even considered the Cavs at the beginning of the offseason. At this point, it’s clear that his sole interest lies with Chris Paul, James Harden and the Rockets.

The possibility of Kyrie playing for the Knicks was a huge positive for many fans. Anthony’s frustration with the franchise made some fans even want a new face of the franchise. Irving, only 25, would be a perfect fit for the new young direction that the Knicks are keen on taking. What could and should have been an easy exchange had a monkey wrench thrown at it by Melo. Maybe there is still a way to salvage this deal, especially since Kyrie wants to play here so “badly.” However, if Anthony won’t drop his no-trade clause for the Cavaliers then Kyrie Irving will not be suiting up for the Knicks next season.

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