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Charlotte’s Pre Wrestlemania Talk in Jericho Interview



Locked away in an umpire’s room at the AT&T Stadium today, Chris Jericho conducted an interview with the current Divas Champion Charlotte.

One of the first striking questions that Jericho had right off the bat was if the term “Diva” bothered her as a female wrestler. Especially considering what she has accomplished in NXT. Charlotte feels that there should an evolution for the women’s division on the main roster, but she hasn’t really given the word Diva as much thought as everyone else has.

In her words, “because I am athletic,strong and can hold my own standing next to the male superstars on the roster, I don’t see the term Diva in a negative light. Charlotte also doesn’t want the negative connotation of being a Diva to take away from the prestige of holding the title currently.

This Wrestlemania match is extra special to Charlotte because the NXT girls are showing what they’re made of. Charlotte shares her fond memories of training in developmental with Emma, Sasha, Summer Rae, Paige, Becky and others and how much they’ve pushed her to get through that time of learning the business. Seeing these talented women everyday in the ring lit a fire in her to continue her training and be better then her competition.

You can tell that Charlotte is trying to find her way and figure out what works for her. She’s just fully grasping this heel persona and I believe that Charlotte didn’t know what to do with that at first. Now she’s starting to embrace it, with the guidance of veterans like Jericho, who offered some kind advice on how to deliver a good promo as heel. Charlotte seems like she’s a sponge and is open to learning whatever it is that she needs to to be completely comfortable in front of a crowd.

Raw emotions comes through every time her dearly departed brother Reid is brought up. She has dedicated everything that she has done in the ring to him. There must be some sadness there because Charlotte also feels that it wasn’t fair that she’s living the dream of being a successful WWE wrestler but Reid never got the opportunity to live his lifelong, which Charlotte never had growing up. Reid was close to being signed by WWE, so there is that extra sting there for the Flair family but, I’m sure that Reid is so proud of his sister.

With Charlotte admitting that she is still green and discovering new things about the business everyday, I think she is going to truly enjoy this new chapter in her career. There have been talks this week of a complete overhaul of the women’s division, including a new title belt.

So because of the hard work of the NXT women, bringing prominence back to female wrestling in WWE.

Fans like me can see these ladies showcased properly on the main roster again.

Thank You Charlotte and I can’t wait for your epic match tonight!

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