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Chip Kelly Doesn’t Respect Star Players?

Former Eagles running back felt Chip Kelly does not respect star players.

Chip Kelly and LeSean McCoy. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

Chip Kelly and LeSean McCoy. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)


Is it wrong that LeSean McCoy said this about a transcendent type of coach who works, and manages a team a little differently than others? Who knows, all I know is that Eagles fans have such a different type of individual running the organization.

“I don’t think he likes or respects the stars. I’m being honest,” McCoy told The Inquirer on Monday. “I think he likes the fact that it’s ‘Chip Kelly and the Eagles.'”

Now before anyone gets irate by this quote let’s be rationale about this. Chip Kelly basically believes that a high level of football can be played without star players, something that can be somewhat accurate only because any sport is considered a team game, and having a star is just a luxury some teams have.

Why does Chip not care too much for stars, because they can be the most dramatic, overbearing personalities in a locker room which doesn’t bode well with the dictator type coach that Kelly is. It’s totally understandable, but if this quote was all the way true why did Kelly go out and get last year’s leading rusher Demarco Murray.

I here you saying he isn’t a star, and it was a one-year thing, but what if you’re wrong. Murray could replicate the season he had last year, and by all means be a big name in this league.  What is he going to be considered then? This is a case of Kelly loves his system, and is so confident in this system that he can prove us all wrong, do you believe? LeSean McCoy is a little too worried about his former team, and not the team that he is currently on, so it’s either he’s right about Kelly and his toxic ego, or McCoy could have possibly been a problem to this team hinting he may be bitter about the whole break up.

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