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Cody Rhodes looking to prove that wins/losses truly matter in AEW

As All Elite Wrestling begins their journey on TNT, it is important to note what they are doing to entice fans to tune in. That is especially true when going against other wrestling promotions, specifically WWE. A system that is simple, but often-forgotten about may be the way to the hearts of fans everywhere.

Wins and losses can help determine contenders, who the fans like or who an organization believes needs to work harder. In today’s wrestling scene, the record of a wrestler can sometimes be brushed aside. In AEW, Cody Rhodes and company are bringing emphasis to the record of a wrestler.

As an example, Cody is set to face AEW World Champion Chris Jericho at Full Gear on November 9. With wins against his brother Dustin and Shawn Spears, as well as a draw with Darby Allin, his rise as a championship contender has shown how valuable the record is. Prior to that, however, he will face young Sammy Guevara on AEW’s first major show. If he was to lose that, everything would change.

“I would like to make it clear that if Sammy Guevara beats me, I’m not going to Full Gear to wrestling Chris Jericho,” Cody went on to say during an AEW media call. “Sammy will be able to take my place if he wins on the first episode of Dynamite. So, the stakes are high.”

Along with wins, the quality of those wins will also matter. Cody brought up how college football runs its rewards program. There will be heat charts on how many people lose to a certain move, where on the card they are, etc. Strategic analysis is the name of the game, and Cody is all in on testing what works in a sport that is watching by millions.

What will be interesting will be seeing how it all plays out come showtime. As we’ve seen with Kenny Omega, a losing streak can result in a big development in a character. For Private Party, a win over a team like The Young Bucks could truly propel them to championship status. and with Cody, his momentum heading into Full Gear will be pivotal.

AEW Dynamite premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on TNT. The show will be emanating from Washington D.C. inside the Capital One Arena.

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