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Corporate Social Responsibility Mission Statements: From Independence to Interdependence

Sporting organizations and athletes, must learn to develop a CSR mission statement.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission statements for businesses are the most fundamental articulations they can make as an organization. It includes things like, solving problems in peaceful ways, practicing democratic rights, future forecasting of sustainability programs, and valuing diversity. It helps internal employees and external stakeholders understand where the organization places itself within the ecosystem of society. Mission statements move organizations from independence to interdependence; not only as a company, but also as an integral part of society.

Sporting organizations and athletes, similar to businesses, must also learn to develop a CSR mission statement. But, what does a personal mission statement mean for a sporting organization or young athlete?  And, what does it mean for an athlete to not only educate themselves in sport, and school, but also in their social impact capabilities?

These organizations and their players serve their team by serving others. It allows athletes and employees to cultivate the ethic of service and the character development of subordinating themselves from me to the idea of we. In developing a CSR mission statement, both team and player move from independence to interdependence on a high level of collaboration that will bring about significant engagement with fans and local businesses on a larger scale.

Through mission statements, athletes frame of reference gets expanded and they start to see how learning the soft skills of community service and empathy can also add to the development of themselves as a player, and as part of a team. This creates a new way for sporting organizations and athletes to not only give back to the communities they operate in, but to develop and implement the spirit of interdependence, cooperation and profound respect for your team, your teammates, the employees of the organizations and the wider community. The intangible value of giving back to your fans on a deeper, more strategic level is fully articulated through a team and personal mission statement.

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