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Could Rhonda Rousey have a Garden Moment?

UFCAccording to Ryan McKinnell, in an article published by Yahoo Sports, on March 27, 2015, Rhonda Rousey met with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to discuss why she thinks mixed martial arts ought to be legalized in the State of New York.  According to Rousey, the fact that the sport is not legal or regulated is making it more dangerous, than if it were actually legal.   Of course, Rousey has a point, but theoretically speaking, one could say the same thing about illegal drugs.   After all, if certain drugs were legalized, the states could regulate the distribution and  marketing, and possibly make them more safe.    Although Rousey appeared to be confident that her talks with Gov Cuomo made a difference, and that the governor was in her corner, it appears that the bill may have failed to pass once again.  At least that’s what seems to be the case, according to Jim Genia, The MMA Journalist, who’s take on the bill can be found at

A coalition to legalize mixed martial arts in the State of New York has been set up by a non-partisan group of organizations including gyms, business owners, and individuals who support the legalization and regulations of mixed martial arts in New York.  However, it appears that there won’t be any legalized MMA fighting in the State of New York, any time soon.  According to Lauren Evans, who writes for the, to fully understand what’s going on with the legalities of the matter, would require a full understanding of the MMA history which involves New York’s former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s supposedly ‘shady, complicated ties to Las Vegas gambling interests.’  Evans does not appear to be a fan of MMA suggesting that it is misogynistic and sexist, and saying that all that’s involved is two people fighting ’til the other one faints or dies.  In her article written on March 24, 2015,   Evans suggests that if MMA becomes legal in the State of New York, then we are potentially opening up the door for our children to be subjected to negative elements due to their viewership of the sport, once it becomes legal.

Rousey disagrees that having women fight in MMA on television or at an arena in New York State would show women in a bad light.  In fact she believes it might be seen as a positive since women are strong and fighting.

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