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Cruiserweight Classic Bracketology

As the wait for the Cruiserweight Classic comes to a close, the WWE Network ran a special to break down the tournament and introduce it’s competitors. In the opening of the show we see Triple H with all of the contestants surrounding the ring at the prestigious WWE performance center. The COO of WWE encouraged them to feel confident in their spots  because everyone was picked for a reason. Cut to Daniel Bryan and Mauro Ranallo hosting this preliminary episode of the Cruiserweight Classic. Which by the way was an excellent choice in the broadcast team for this event. They should stay as a permanent fixture for commentary in WWE for years to come.

Bryan and Ranallo go into great detail to inform the viewers of what makes a Cruiserweight. It’s not your style of wrestling despite what some think. Everything depends on you making the weight to qualify you. Just like in boxing or MMA. I absolutely love the approach taken with this tournament. These athletes are being showcased properly and with the footage of the scouting by Canyon Ceman and others.

This cruiserweight classic gives you a sense of the top pro wrestlers( not superstars) from all around the world showcasing their phenenomanal  talent under one roof. The British wrestlers are already making a huge impression. Zack Sabre Jr and Jack Gallagher are in my top five list for sure. The posh style that they bring to the table is quite refreshing. It’s amazing seeing the vast diversity as well, indian brothers Gurv and Harv Shira want to bring a Bollywood flash to the tournament. They don’t have much experience, so I think the tournament will be a learning experience for them both but they won’t win the tournament.

Rich Swann is finally getting the attention and opportunity that he deserves. He has made a few appearances in NXT, but this will definitely be his coming out party.

Having WWE veterans like Tajiri and Brian Kendrick spices up the tournament.Daniel Bryan has revealed his pick  and put Brian Kendrick as his winner. Both Kendrick and Bryan trained at Shawn Michaels school and wrestled on the indies together in the early 2000’s. Will Tajiri and Kendrick come back as a full time WWE wrestlers? If either doesn’t win do they go back to the Indies? Who knows.

A tag team that has been making waves in NXT Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa have to put their friendship aside and take their solo wrestling ambitions seriously. One of my favorites, TJ Perkins has a great story that I think makes him the strongest mentality and will  push him through to the end of the tournament. He’s definitely not missing the confidence to take home the gold. 18 years of experience. I mean, come on. Win this for all the Philippinos out there. Batista will be proud.

Kota Ibushi was the last to be showcased on this special and he is also apart of my top five. I have been a fan ofhis for a long time. A seasoned wrestler and one of New Japan’s best. Many fans who haven’t seen him before will be delighted with his amazing in ring style.

I can’t  contain my excitement for this tournament. This is such a melting pot for talent and a major platform for some of the best in the world showing that they are the present and future look into pro wrestling. For Triple H to say that this tournament will continue on for after this initial one is a gift to the wrestling world. Pro Wrestling is great right now! Tune in this Wednesday at 9 pm exclusively on WWE Network to have your mind blown. I know I will!

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