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Curtis Granderson Hopes to Go Deep in Return to Detroit

The 16-9 New York Yankees head into Detroit this week to take on the 12-16 Tigers.  Although the Tigers are coming into the series on a six-game losing streak, and the records speak for themselves, it’s still early in the season, and the Yanks shouldn’t head into this four-game battle lightly.

They will be facing dominant pitcher Justin Verlander to open the series, matching him up with so-far-so-great Bartolo Colon, who will hopefully bring home his third win of the season.

The Yankee who is most excited to be heading into Comerica Park this week is former Tiger, Curtis Granderson.  After missing last year’s return to his old stomping grounds because of an injury, Granderson was quoted saying he is looking forward to it and will have some family and friends in the crowd cheering him on.

Other people cheering Granderson on will be the millions of Yankee fans who have enjoyed watching him climb to the top of the leader board in home runs over the past few weeks.  Along with Robinson Cano and other heavy pinstriped hitters, Curtis is driving in runs by making it look easy every time he hits one deep out of the park.

Pitchers are starting to fear the lefty even more as he approaches the plate on this hot streak, knowing that with one quick swing from the 6’1” powerhouse, their game could be uprooted.

Curtis has always been known around the major league as not only a star centerfielder, but also a great humanitarian and philanthropist.  He is an ambassador for MLB International, and has his own foundation, The Grand Kids, which focuses on education and staying active in extra-curricular activities.

Because of the great reputation he has built for himself by always being grateful and charitable, it will be interesting to hear the reaction from the fans at Comerica Park when he takes the field.  More times that not, when a player enters their former stadium in an opposing uniform, the “boos” from the crowds are deafening.  This probably won’t be the case with Granderson, as Tiger fans surely must still have respect for the All-Star player.

Time will tell this week how the visit to Detroit bodes for Curtis Granderson and the rest of the Bronx Bombers.  Here’s to hoping it’s a successful and winning series for the Yanks as they widen the gap in the AL East division.

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