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A few days ago, David Wright was all smiles. “Captain America” started his Spring Training program with the Mets, excited for a new season filled with endless possibilities. This season may be new, but injuries continue to haunt the third baseman. General Manager Sandy Alderson announced to the media earlier today that David has been diagnosed with an impingement in his right shoulder.

Wright went to doctors in New York for further evaluation and is expected back Wednesday. MLB’s Anthony DiComo was one of the first to report the news and discussed the issue on MLB Network after it was announced.

The 34-year old appears to be dealing with affects resulting from his recent neck surgery. According to Alderson, there is no structural damage in the shoulder so there is no need for surgery (for now). Speaking to the media, Sandy stated:

“What’s happening here is that the muscles around the shoulder have not re-engaged since the surgery. That’s taking more time than anticipated. “This is all part of the process of rehabilitating from the neck surgery… It’s taking longer than I’m sure David would have hoped, and we would have hoped, but it’s part of the process.”

An interesting point to bring up is that David can swing the bat, but can’t throw the ball or play on the field. He will be going through more tests to see how limited he is on the latter. David will also have to have a designated hitter role on the team during Spring Training games. As of this moment, David Wright’s Opening Day status is up in the air. Jose Reyes would likely be the starting third baseman for the Mets in his absence.

Since signing a deal with the Mets that lasts through 2020, David has been marred by injuries. After playing 156 games in 2012, he has played in 112 in 2013, 134 in 2014, 38 in 2015 and 37 last year. The Mets owe Wright $67 million over the next four years.

This is another disappointing moment for David Wright. This is a man who has sacrificed his entire body to attempt to bring a World Series title to Flushing. However, the fact that the Mets have enough depth (Flores, Cabrera, Walker, Conforto, etc) to overcome Wright’s absence is reassuring.

While his status remains unknown, David Wright’s baseball career doesn’t appear to be over just yet. With hard work and patience, we may just see him at Citi Field during the season. Its only a matter of when and in what capacity at this point.

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