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DeMarcus Cousins holding Anthony Davis back from greater success

Anthony Davis will never compete for a championship until DeMarcus Cousins is gone. If Davis wants to be on a Finals-contending team, he either needs to leave the Pelicans, or New Orleans needs to dump Boogie Cousins. In today’s league where the three-point shot reigns supreme, an all-star duo of big men simply won’t cut it, especially with their ludicrous contracts driving away other talent.

Jrue Holiday is not bad, by any means, but he cannot be the team’s best guard. Despite Holiday’s incredible defensive play this year, earning him a spot on the NBA All-Defensive First Team, his 19 points per game throughout the regular season is not going to be enough when considering the shooting potential of other Western Conference teams. Davis deserves an all-star guard who can shoot the rock, because they’re not going to beat the Warriors or Rockets any time soon by relying on points in the paint.

If Cousins were to be pushed out of New Orleans, the Pelicans would save an immense amount of cap space and could receive a valuable deal as a result. One question for potential trade partners would be how Cousins bounces back after his year off due to an ACL tear. This could be a major problem for the Pelicans if they were to take this route, but it’s possible a team would bet on his past experience over the risk of this injury plaguing the rest of his career.

There are plenty of potential guards who could fit in nicely with Davis, although many would need to be traded for this to happen. It would be interesting to see possible trade options though, as the Spurs and Hornets may be looking to unload players like Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker after a season full of trade rumors surrounding them.

The Trailblazers may also have some moves to be made this offseason as 2018 All-NBA First Team point guard Damian Lillard requested to meet with owner Paul Allen. No one is sure what the meeting entails, but it will very likely have implications on their future roster as the team looks for answers following another disappointing year despite reaching the playoffs.

One can only hope Davis finds a Robin to his Batman as he has proven himself to be the most dominant big man in the NBA today, and may go down as one of the best in history.

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